Your Customers Expect It. Your Regulator Demands It. Your Reputation Depends On It.

Secure Communication... Email is the most popular form of electronic communication, but it is not secure. Sending sensitive personal data by normal email leaves you susceptible to cyber-crime and in turn may contravene legislation.

Failure to comply might expose your clients or businesses with whom you work, to immeasurable damage and leave you open to financial and reputational risk. Data protection legislation (GDPR) requires us all to protect our customers’ data.

Mailock enables you to email securely from your normal system, including the ability to verify the intended recipients’ identity.


“You should use encrypted communication channels when transmitting personal data”

Your Regulator Demands It.

Unsecured emails do not meet GDPR requirements where they contain confidential data.

Breaching such legislation means infringement fines of up to €20 million or 4% of lobal revenues for your business.

These fines may fade into insignificance compared to the consequential losses that result from reputational damage and the disruption this causes to your customers who expect you to look after their data.

Your Customers Expect It.

Normal email is NOT Secure … Over 280 billion emails are sent / received every day and many senders mistakenly assume that email is a secure way to communicate.

Even password protected attachments are highly susceptible to cybercriminal attacks and can be easily hacked or breached.

Invoice fraud is amongst the worlds largest cyber-crime activities – such compromise can lead to financial loss and reputational damage.

Your Reputation Depends On It.

Inadequate security measures can result in clients suffering losses and as a consequence lead to reputational damage.
We are all guardians of our customers’ and employees’ personal data.

Sensitive data includes any information which, in the wrong hands, could enable identity fraud.

Sending digital information securely is a critical security decision as you are legally obliged to safeguard this data.

How Mailock works

Our Mailock system can be used via the web or seamlessly integrates with your Microsoft Outlook for Windows email client enabling you to send and receive email securely as part of your normal work flow.

Key features

  • Secure your email and your recipients identity using a simple pass phrase,
  • password or text. Easy to use and integrated into your daily email work flow.
  • Full audit & control of your email including Receipt, Confirmation of identity,
  • Revoke, and attachment information.
  • Use your own email address, domains, Exchange Servers and branding.
  • Available for Outlook Desktop Client, IOS and Android devices or via our easy to use web site.
  • Content is only accessible by you or your recipient – not even we can access it.
Beyond Encryption is an ISO27001 certified company that specialises in technology for our customers' digital transformation journey. We develop technology for many of the world’s most reputable financial institutions to deliver secure digital engagement platforms.

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