6 Nov 2018

World Paper Free Day

Today is World Paper Free Day, an annual campaign day launched by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) aimed at reducing the amount of paper people generate in their personal and work lives. Using secure email to replace paper and post has huge benefits for the sender and recipient alike . . increased security huge

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5 Nov 2018

Latest ICO Encryption guidelines

The use of codes and ciphers to protect secrets began thousands of years ago whilst recent data legislation changes have brought this subject matter back into the limelight, particularly in the context of the need to secure sensitive email transmissions. The ICO has published further guidelines whilst highlighting ‘residual risks’ associated with encryption used to

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1 Oct 2018

Conservative Party Conference – data breach – “a major security flaw”

Attendance of the Conservative party conference this year required consent for the attendee’s personal data to be shared with a third party, namely the company that developed the Conservative Party Conference 2018 event app. It has been published that “The principles of, and rules on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing

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28 Sep 2018

50 Million Users – the latest social media data breach !!! To add to the list of household names that have been the subject of a data breach, Facebook have announced they are the latest subject of a cyber attack Whilst the company announced that they have ‘fixed the vulnerability’ this news continues the focus upon the need for businesses to maintain focus on data

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27 Sep 2018

NHS cleared to use revolutionary encryption service that could stop cyber criminals in their tracks

Cyber theft that worms its way in through emails could soon be a thing of the past for the NHS. UK cyber security firm Beyond Encryption has been approved as an official accredited digital provider to the organisation. It means NHS trusts, hospitals and doctors’ surgeries across the country, amongst other public sector businesses, are

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17 Sep 2018

Cyber security leaders say financial services shouldn’t be afraid to invest into counter cyber terrorism threat

UK cyber security business Beyond Encryption has warned that businesses in the financial services sector must invest in the highest level of cyber security to avoid being victims of cyber terrorism. The message comes following the announcement that Nationwide Building Society is investing £1.3b in new technology. Nationwide, one of Britain’s biggest mortgage lenders, said

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7 Sep 2018

Beyond Encryption called upon by nation’s media in wake of British Airways hack

Beyond Encryption has been called upon by media across the UK to give expert insight on the British Airways data hack. On Friday the airline made the headlines after it was revealed the company had been victim of a major cyber-attack. Around customer 380,000 transactions were affected, with their credit and debit card details, as

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