7 Sep 2018

Beyond Encryption called upon by nation’s media in wake of British Airways hack

Beyond Encryption has been called upon by media across the UK to give expert insight on the British Airways data hack.

On Friday the airline made the headlines after it was revealed the company had been victim of a major cyber-attack. Around customer 380,000 transactions were affected, with their credit and debit card details, as well as their names and addresses, among the data harvested.

As a UK leader in cyber security, Beyond Encryption was called upon by the media to provide insight into the case and explain what it might mean for consumers.

Paul Holland, CEO, said: “It’s certainly not the kind of news you want to wake up to if you’re a British Airways customer. With this kind of information, hackers could potentially have cloned their cards or made transactions totting up to hundreds, even thousands of pounds.”

While the situation is grave Paul adds that BA customers shouldn’t panic. The hack is thought to have only affected customers who booked between August 21 and September 5. British Airways’ Chief Executive has pledged that customers left out of pocket as a result will be compensated and Paul says banks will be able to help too.

“In almost all cases, if you report the theft of your card details as soon as you find out they’ve been stolen, your bank will ensure you’re not charged for any fraudulent purchases,” he says.

Paul adds that the real loser in the situation long-term could be British Airways. “Customers will undoubtedly be questioning just how safe their data is with BA,” he says. “The reputational fallout could be significant and, as we’ve seen before, this could have a knock-on impact on the company’s bottom line. If customers feel BA doesn’t take the protection of their financial details safely enough, they could turn elsewhere next time they’re booking flights. Add to this any fines that might be doled out by the ICO and this could prove a very costly problem for BA.”

To hear more of Paul’s reflections on the British Airways hack tune into LBC Radio from 1.40pm, where he’ll be speaking live on the subject. Alternatively, tune into BBC Meridian Tonight at 6pm.

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