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Sep 2019

Beyond Encryption launches two-factor authentication

Cyber security firm Beyond Encryption has launched a series of significant updates to its secure email service, Mailock®.

Among them is the introduction of an integrated text service, sometimes referred to as two-factor authentication. The facility allows the sender to input their intended recipient’s mobile number, to whom a unique access code is issued allowing access to the message and any attachments. The enhancement is believed to be the first system of its type to offer ‘secondary authentication’ to all platform users, not just larger corporates. Mailock already allows its users to verify their intended recipients ID by way of a ‘challenge’ in much the same way as the telephony banking experience we are all familiar with.

Beyond Encryption has also introduced a range of updates to simplify user experience. The changes mean recipients of Mailock emails can now access the message in a matter of seconds via a web browser. The sender can be sure that only their intended recipient can access the message content. Once the intended recipient has verified their identity and opened the communication the sender is informed accordingly, providing a robust audit trail and increasing sales efficiency.

The recipient can also reply securely, including attachments, helping businesses that use Mailock to accelerate their customer communications and sales processes. This feature attracts no additional cost.

Paul, CEO of Beyond Encryption, said: “We’re all very familiar with the concept of shared security questions being used to verify our identity when we call our banks but we wanted to ensure that all our users could also use the SMS authentication code system so that individuals and SMEs can be robust in their approach to Digital Recorded Delivery®.”

Cyber-crime, particularly through email, remains a major concern for UK businesses, particularly professional services. Homebuyer Fraud is just one example, where communications are intercepted between property solicitors sending bank details via email for a client to pay their deposit on a house purchase.

Paul explains: “Without Mailock, the solicitor would have no way of knowing that the email had reached the intended recipient or whether a hacker had intercepted the message with a view to changing the bank details, potentially making the cyber-criminal the beneficiary of a large money transfer, sometimes known as ‘Homebuyer Fraud’.” This type of crime has seen Beyond Encryption’s Mailock service prove popular with mortgage advisors and the legal community, as well as accounts, pension planners and other professional services businesses.

Anthony Rafferty, managing director at Origo, said: “Securing emails needs to become part of the natural process of messaging, and making the process as easy as possible for sender and recipient is essential. SMS authentication is a sophisticated and flexible verification process for both businesses and individuals. As the industry’s fintech company, we strongly believe provision of email security will rapidly become the norm and should be on the agenda of senior management in all businesses going forward.”

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