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Mar 2020

Beyond Encryption trial remote working policy in face of Covid-19

A Hampshire-based cyber security firm has followed in the footsteps of Silicon Valley by trialling a remote working policy. Beyond Encryption, one of the UK’s leading providers of secure email systems, road tested its working from home policy, safe in the knowledge that their ‘Digital Recorded Delivery®’ email system, Mailock, will continue to keep their communications secure.

With the fears surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak worsening by the day, businesses are already relying on technology for remote working. According to Cisco Systems, WebEx meeting traffic connecting Chinese users to global workplaces has increased by a factor of 22 since the outbreak began. Traffic in other countries is up 400% or more and specialist video conferencing businesses have seen a near doubling in share value, when the rest of the market is shrinking.

Reliance upon Email communications will increase significantly but basic email security has remained unchanged for 30 years ago. Many smaller businesses are still likely to be using outdated Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) when sending or receiving email. As such the default state of all email services is unencrypted, unsecure and open to attack – putting crucial information at risk.

Ensuring our external email communications are protected and not susceptible to interception and abuse will be increasingly important.

Paul Holland, CEO of Beyond Encryption said: “With remote working, a likely outcome for many of us in the coming weeks, the security and reliability of our electronic communication will be a high priority”

“We decided to road test our own remote working policy to ensure that we truly practice what we preach, our meetings and conversations were unhindered, indeed arguably we operated more efficiently!” “Many other companies, large and small, are already trialling their remote working policies, from those in Silicon Valley to us here at Beyond Encryption. As well as protecting our health by working from home, it’s important that we also protect our communications and data.” added Paul.

“Mailock® allows business’ and their clients the peace of mind to be able to work from any device on any network, at home or in the office, without the worry of data compromise or cyber security issues.”

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