Jul 2019

The Right Mortgage & Protection Network’s new partnership gives members access to cyber security benefits

Members of The Right Mortgage & Protection Network can now access a military grade email encryption service at discounted rates thanks to a new partnership.

The Right Mortgage & Protection Network has become an affiliate with Beyond Encryption and in doing so has secured special rates and terms for its members.

Beyond Encryption is a leading cyber security firm which provides a military grade email encryption service called Mailock. The system protects sensitive information sent via email by encrypting it with military-grade protection. As an additional security measure, senders can authenticate their intended recipient's identity with a question only the two parties  know the answer to. It can easily be added into an existing email platform such as Outlook, meaning no extensive training for staff or IT downtime.

Adam Stretton, Managing Director of The Right Mortgage & Protection Network said: “We are pleased to have signed up with Beyond Encryption’s Mailock for our own encrypted email system. Being able to send our data sensitive emails via Mailock’s 256-bit encryption is a massive benefit for the network and also means our members know that their sensitive data is secure. Using competitive rates we have managed to secure with Beyond Encryption, we are also encouraging our members to sign up to the service to give them another option to securing their clients personal data.”

Paul Holland, CEO of Beyond Encryption, added: “We’re thrilled that members of The Right Mortgage & Protection Network can get access to our system at special rates. It’s a fantastic added benefit, particularly in our post-GDPR world where data protection is more important than ever.”

Email is the world’s preferred communication medium. Some 280 billion are sent every day but Beyond Encryption says that sending an email without a system like Mailock is like sending bank or medical information on a postcard in the post.

Paul says: “Most people assume that if their email provider is a big, well-known name that their emails are protected. That’s certainly not always the case. Cyber criminals can read information and attachments sent via email, just like someone in a sorting office could read your postcard. The risks with this are colossal. Often hackers intercept invoices sent via email and change the bank details to their own to steal the money.”

Members of The Right Mortgage & Protection Network can rest assured their emails will be safe from invoice fraud with Beyond Encryption. Its Mailock service is now available to members at special rates. To find out more contact The Right Mortgage & Protection Network on 01564 732 744.

To find out more about Beyond Encryption visit www.beyondencryption.co.uk

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