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29 May 2017

NHS ransomware leads to fake BT scam emails

Fraudsters are using the latest series of cyber-crime attacks on the NHS systems as as a hook to try and get people to click on the links within a new phishing email scam. The emails feature within the Action Fraud website and represent fake communications from BT seeking to defraud the recipient, further emphasising the need for individuals and

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6 Feb 2017

Beckileaks, Wickileaks . . . . who’ll be next to leak. . . . . YOU !?!?!

2016 really was the year of the email hack – Home Buyer Fraud, Russian hacks in US elections and Yahoo’s exposure of  hundreds of thousands of users’ email details feature among numerous incidents!!! 2017 seems set to follow suit with the David Beckham email hacking debacle, Beckileaks – this could result in untold reputation damage for David (Do give

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24 Jan 2017

31/01/ 17 !! – Tax Return Deadline = ‘hackers field day’

With so many people filing their tax return online at the last minute, online fraud is unlikely to be the primary consideration when preparing their submissions! If your accountant chooses to forward the personal financial information within these returns to you by email for verification prior to online submission, they are exposing you to identity fraud

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21 Jan 2017

Google issue statement about serious gmail and Chrome vulnerability

Aaron Stein, from Google Communications, announced last week that they are aware of an email security issue and taking steps to mitigate. Web mail has long been viewed as inherently weak, leaving the user exposed to higher levels of data leakage risk than they might if using local mail software – the FCA published a paper

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30 Nov 2016

Protecting your Identity is now an even bigger lottery!

Its been reported today that thousands of National Lottery participants personal details have been obtained in yet another public hacking incident.   Email addresses amongst other information, are amongst the data leakage incident, such data potentially used to impersonate the individuals concerned. Whether using email for personal or business purposes its important to remain vigilant

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