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Never Gonna Give You Up – And Mailock Won’t Let You Down

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At the FTRC event, Beyond Encryption’s Paul Holland gave a live demo of Mailock – emailing his good old friend, ‘Rick Astley’. Emails are encrypted and then password-protected so that only the intended recipient can open them.

Rick Astley (not the real one!) was a contact of Paul’s and he’d already been verified as such. So, he’d received a text message with a notification that an email message was coming in, along with a code to open it. Only when that code is entered into the Mailock system, will the email be released.

From the perspective of several financial companies, including Origo, it’s a no-brainer when it comes to protecting customer’s data, particularly given the increasing responsibility on organisations to demonstrate how they store, process, and share data.

Following the FTRC event, Beyond Encryption has seen a huge amount of interest and we are expecting to see lots more. If you think your business could benefit from an encryption service like Mailock, contact Beyond Encryption to see how we can help.

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