8 Sep 2016

Hilary Clinton’s email ‘fo par’ – Should have gone to Specsavers or employed ‘Digital Recorded Delivery™’!!

When Hilary used her personal email address for ‘company business’, the content was intercepted and the wrath of the Senate ensued, a story that has been perpetuated by Mr Trump, amongst others.

Hilary failed to appreciate how easy it is for our email to be intercepted, read and abused by others.

The Data Protection Act compels us to use our clients data in a sensitive and appropriate manner and yet so many people continue to use email to transmit sensitive information, potentially risking fines of up to £500,000 per incident under current legislation.

Aside from keeping prying eyes away from such sensitive communications, there are huge economies and service enhancements to be gained by deploying secure email solutions such as BE –

Proving that an ‘identified’ individual has opened a securely delivered document can be a useful addition to ones audit trail – Identity Assured Communication®

Using such a system installs a sense of value upon your client regarding their precious data / Identity and can be a real differentiator.

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