How do I read my secure email in Outlook?

Reading your secure email is easy with the Mailock Outlook Add-In.

If you haven't yet installed it, our Knowledge Base article 'How do I install the Mailock Outlook Add-In?' will take you through the process, be sure to complete this first.

Once you have the Mailock Outlook Add-In installed, reading your email is as easy as clicking on the email that you wish to read and answering the question that appears in the dialogue; the dialogue will look similar to the one shown below although the question will of course be different and hopefully set by the Sender to be something that you and only you, the correct Recipient, can answer.

Remember, Mailock challenge answers are not case sensitive.

Challenge question

When you're ready, press the OK button.

If you have answered the Senders challenge correctly, their secure email will open in front of you. When you've finished reading your message, simply close the window.

Read message

Should you answer the Senders challenge incorrectly, a warning will appear (see below) and you may re-enter your answer.

Incorrect answer to challenge

The message is locked after 5 incorrect attempts at answering the challenge, but don't worry, as the Sender is notified. The Sender can unlock the message so you can try again.