February 5 2021 Release (1.6)

This release contains the following updates:


  • Added a new automatic retries feature for failed messages on the RabbitMQ queues

    Refer to ‘Dealing with failed requests’ in the Technical Overview and Operators Guide for further details.

  • Moved RabbitMQ image to the BE Azure container registry exclusively (from hub.docker.com) to make it easier to whitelist the IP addresses for outgoing connections from the Mailock Gateway Appliance

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where email attachments sent via the gateway were not displayed correctly in Outlook

  • Fixed an issue where the recipient didn’t see attachments which had been added with a Content-disposition of ‘attachment' (i.e. not ‘inline’) and with a Content-ID set

  • Fixed an issue where MIME parts without a Content-disposition were not treated as attachments by Mailock

  • Fixed a decryption error which occurred if the recipient had been CC’d on a message sent using the Outlook Add-in