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Set Up an Account Recovery Phone Number

It's possible to add a phone number to your account, which will be used for account recovery if you have forgotten your password and no longer have access to your registered email address. Your number won't be used for any other purposes.


1. Start by clicking here. You can also get to the page by taking a link from your account profile screen. Click here to see how to get to the profile screen.


2. After signing in you'll be taken to this screen, where you'll need to:

A. Enter your mobile number

B. Click on 'Get code'


3. An SMS will be sent to your phone with a 6-digit verification code.

A. Enter the code from the SMS

B. Click on 'Verify'


4. You'll be taken to your account profile screen which now displays your linked number. You can use the buttons at the bottom right to change (A) and delete (B) your account recovery number.


5. Click on 'Log out' at the top right and close the browser window to finish.