Verifying your email address

Verifying your email when you first create your Mailock account

Account verification

During registration you should be prompted to verify your email address. 

If you've missed verification, no problem at all, it can be done the next time you sign into your account.

When you're ready, click here to sign in again and you'll be through to the 'My Account' screen.

  1. Click on  'Verify Email '

  2.  Head to your email inbox to pick up the code you’ve been sent (it may take a minute or so to come through) while keeping the tab on your web browser open

    If the code is not present in your inbox,  check your junk/spam folders

  3. Enter the code into the box on the screen in your web browser, then click 'Verify Code' 

  4. You should see the secure email compose pane, which means you have successfully created your free account!