Verifying Your Email Address

Verifying your email when you first create your Mailock account

Account verification


During registration you should be prompted to verify your email address, like our example shown below:


If you've missed verification, no problem at all, it can be done the next time you sign into your account.


When you're ready, click here to sign in again and you'll be through to the 'My Account' screen.


Click on the 'Verify your email address' link, as shown in the example below





Select 'Send code':






You'll next see a 'Verify your email address' screen, as below, and an email should have gone through to your inbox with a code, if not present please check junk/spam folders






An email, like the one below, will contain the unique code you need to enter in the 'Verify your email address' screen






Enter the code from your email, our example as below:






And your email should now be activated, like our example below: