Verifying and activating your ‘BE’ account

After completing the registration page and pressing the NEXT STEP button, you will be taken to a page (see below) with instructions on how to ‘verify’ the email address that you are trying to register.


Whilst you are reading this page, we have sent you a verification email (we send this to the email address that you registered in the previous step).

This email is the first part of a two stage process that we use to verify your ownership of the email address that you have registered.

Open your In box and read through your personalised verification email (it will be like the one below); when you are ready, press the Click here to verify your email address link.

Verification email

When you press the Click here to verify your email address link, you will be taken to our website and to a ‘Security Code’ page (see below) where you must enter an activation code.


This is the second part of the activation process which uses the mobile number that you entered in the registration step just a few moments ago; check your mobile phone, we have sent you a text message; it will look just like the one below.

activation sms code

If you haven’t received your activation code, you may have entered your mobile number in the registration page incorrectly so return to the ‘Security Code’ page in your browser (it should still be displayed) and click the link below the ACTIVATE button to go to our ‘Update & Resend’ page where you can check and amend the mobile number that you submitted in the registration page. When you’ve checked your mobile number, click the UPDATE & RESEND button and we will send you a new SMS activation code.

Type the BE activation code you can see in the text message into the security code text box and press the ACTIVATE button.

When you press the ACTIVATE button, ‘BE’ will check your activation code and display a SUCCESS page just like the one below.


And that’s it, your ‘BE’ account registration is complete, click the LOGIN button and we’ll take you straight to your In box so that you can read your first ‘BE’ secure emails.