How do I install the ‘BE’ Outlook Add-In?

The ‘BE’ Outlook Add-In is FREE and available for download from the BE website.


When you arrive at the ‘Download’ screen, click the button with the Outlook logo in it; the others are iPhone and Android downloads for mobile phone and will be described in later articles. You will be asked to close your Outlook program before installing the Add-In; we ask you do this to ensure that Outlook registers the new Add-In correctly.


Close your Outlook program and confirm that you have done so by pressing the YES button.

Your download will now start and appear in the bottom left corner of your screen. When the download is complete (this should only take a few seconds), click the setup.exe file and follow the simple instructions in the installer wizard to install your Add-In; if you encounter administration rights issues when installing, you may need to consult your local IT administrator to obtain permission to run the installer.

When the installer has been successfully executed, your ‘BE’ Outlook Add-In is installed and ready for you to use.

All that’s left for you to do is ‘Close’ the Microsoft Installer and re-open your Outlook program.

Check out the ‘BE’ buttons we’ve added to your Outlook program, you’ll find one in the main Outlook ribbon and one in the authoring window ribbon (providing you ‘Pop Out’ from the reading pane if you are an Outlook 2016 user).