How do I read my secure email via the ‘BE’ website?

Reading your secure email couldn’t be easier with ‘BE’.

Simply browse and log-in by entering the email address and password that you used when registering for the ‘BE’ account.

Once you are logged in, click the Mailbox tab in the top navigation and we’ll display your In Box, it will look similar to the one below.

Note that messages that are ‘greyed out’ have been revoked by the Sender and you will not be able to open them.



Simply hover over the emails in the list and click anywhere along the email entry that you wish to read; a challenge window like the one below will open and you will need to answer the challenge contained within it to access your secure message:


When answering the challenge that the Sender has set you, you must remember that ‘BE’ is case sensitive; in the example shown, the answer ‘encryption’ would not have allowed access to the secure message but the answer ‘Encryption’ would.

Type in your answer and click the SUBMIT button.

If you’ve answered the question correctly, the ‘BE’ secure email will be displayed to you like this…


When you have finished reading your email, click the ‘BACK To INBOX’ button to return to your other mail items.