How do I read my secure email via the Mailock website?

Reading your secure email couldn’t be easier with the Mailock website.

Locate the email you wish to read in your email client, then click the link Read my message.

Your browser will launch and navigate to the website. Simply sign in by entering the username (email address) and password that you used when registering for the Beyond Encryption account.

Once you are signed in, you may need to answer the challenge contained within the email to access your secure message:

When answering the challenge that the Sender has set you, remember, Mailock challenge answers are not case sensitive. Type in your answer and click the Submit button.

If you’ve answered the question correctly, the Mailock secure email will be displayed to you like this…

When you have finished reading your email, you can click the Reply button to compose an immediate reply, or sign out and close your browser.