How do I send secure email from Outlook?

Sending secure email is easy with the ‘BE’ Outlook Add-In.

If you haven’t yet installed it, our Knowledge Base article ‘How do I install the ‘BE’ Outlook Add-In?’ will take you through the process, be sure to complete this first.

Once you have the ‘BE’ Outlook Add-In installed, you are ready to send secure email.

You will notice that you have a new ”BE’ button in your main Outlook ribbon, just like the one shown in the ribbon below.


Click this ‘BE‘ button and your normal Outlook compose window will open. When it opens, you will see that a second ‘BE‘ button is present in the ribbon; it will be blue (see below) and you may click this button to toggle it between red and blue states.

To make the email that you are sending secure and requiring you to set a challenge, set the button to blue; to send your email insecurely as per your normal email set the button to red. You can set this up any time up to the point at which you press the Send button.

blue be button

Set the state of your ‘BE‘ button as you require, compose your email and when you’re ready, click the Send button as normal.

If you have chosen to send your message insecurely, you won’t notice any difference in the way your email is sent. If however, you have chosen to send your message securely, the ‘BE’ challenge window (see below) will be displayed so that you can set a challenge for your intended recipient.


Type your challenge question in the field provided; don’t worry if you find the challenge question field is pre-filled and not what you want to use, just type over the text to set an alternative challenge.

Remember to type in your answer…

If you’re not sure how to set your challenge question and answer, check out our article What can I use as a security question when sending a secure email for tips from the ‘BE’ team.

When you’ve set your challenge question and answer, press the OK button and your email will be encrypted and sent to your recipient.

Tip from the ‘BE’ team:

You may also start a new email (just as you would normally) by pressing the New Email button in the main Outlook ribbon. When you do this, you will notice that you still have your new ‘BE‘ button in the Outlook compose ribbon which may be toggled between secure (blue) and insecure (red) states just as described above.