How Do I Set Up My Mailock App So That I Can Send Secure Messages From My Mobile

After you download and run the Mailock app, which is free for Apple and Android devices, you will be presented with the app home page. At the bottom, tap SIGN UP HERE to begin the sign up process.

On the sign up page, please enter your details. Note that your email address is also your account username. Once complete, tap the SIGN UP button.

When you tap SIGN UP, you will receive an activation email from ‘’. Open the email and tap the activate this email address link.


The activation link will launch the Mailock app and activate your account.

Now that you have activated your account, when you sign in using your Beyond Encryption credentials, the app home page is displayed. If you wish to compose an email press the Compose option and it will direct you to the following screen.


To send messages from the Mailock app, you must configure an email address from which you can send. This is often the same email address used to create your Beyond Encryption account. Press the Next button to configure your address.


As you can see with our demo account, we have set up to receive secure emails but not to send. If you would like to send secure emails from the same address, tap your email address. If you wish to add a new email to send secure emails, tap the Add email button.


When you have selected an email address, or chosen to add a new address, you will be directed to the page shown here. Select your email provider or choose Other if your provider isn’t listed.

Once you’ve selected your email provider, enter your email address and password. If required, you can specify a server and port number in Use Advanced Settings. Complete the required fields and click Save and Test. Please be aware that if you have two-factor authentication enabled on your email account, you must enter your app password. Below is the list for the main email providers and the links to create app specific passwords. If your email provider isn’t on the list, please open your internet browser and search for ‘Create app password’.


Once setup is complete, a confirmation screen is shown and you’re now ready to send secure messages. Tap Next.


You can now compose and send secure email messages using the Mailock app. Click the paperclip icon to attach photos and documents. If you allow the app access to contacts, your contacts will be listed when you type into the ‘To’ field.

Compose your secure email and tap Send.