I’ve received a secure email, what do I do next?

That’s good news – someone knows your data is confidential and has made sure it stays that way.

You will have received an email from us (Beyond Encryption) telling you that Mailock has been used to secure the message:

Clicking on the ‘Read my message’ link opens a new window:

Note: If you have an account with us you won’t see this, but instead be taken to the usual Sign in window.

To keep the message secure we need to ensure the email is being read by the owner of the mailbox (in case, for example, had been intercepted on its way to you). Clicking on the ‘Send code’ displays the following:

An email will be sent to your inbox containing a 6-digit code which is entered into the ‘Verification Code’ box and submitted.

As a final security check the sender will have set up a security question which you’ll need to answer, for example:

This is usually something just known to yourself and the sender, such as a policy number, however the sender also has an option to generate a random passphrase which they would share with you over the phone or by a text message. Once submitted you will be able to read your email:

Tip: Clicking on the ‘Reply’ button allows you to reply securely however you will need to set up an account with us first.

If you will regularly receiving, or need to send, secure emails then setting up an account is the way to go. This will skip the verification step when you want to read your secure messages. It doesn’t take long and it’s all explained here. Once you’ve signed up you can use our secure website to read the email or use our Outlook add-in or mobile apps which can be downloaded here.