Completing the registration page…

When you sign up for a ‘BE’ account, you will be presented with the following registration page:


Although the form is relatively straight forward, you may wish to be aware of the following:


The postcode entered must be the one most pertinent to the email account that you are registering. For example if you are registering a personal email address, this should be your home postcode, if it is a business email address, please use the postcode for your business address.

Mobile Number

We need your personal mobile number so that we can send you a secret code during the activation part of the registration process.

When entering your personal mobile number, select your country flag to set the mobile phone number country code and enter the rest of the number in the format 1234 567890 ie leave out the leading 0.


When setting your password, ‘BE’ recommend that you use a minimum of 8 characters with at least one capitalised letter and at least one number.


When you are ready, press the NEXT button to move to STEP 2: ACTIVATION.