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Ensuring that confidential information is delivered securely to the right recipients is paramount across the Recruitment and HR sectors. However, there is increasing awareness of the vulnerability of enterprise and public data networks amongst consumers and business clients and a growing concern over the environmental cost of printing and sending paper documents by post or courier. Particularly, following from GDPR, businesses understand that they have a duty of care that extends beyond pure legal and compliance requirements to secure their own and clients' information. The solution also provides unprecedented levels of control helping the sender avoid invoice fraud and secures payroll amongst other applications such as CRM and Umbrella/Payroll services.

Beyond Encryption is a UK specialist that is focused exclusively on creating trusted data/document delivery environments for its clients. Our Mailock product is at the cutting edge of data security and secure document delivery.

Beyond Encryption works with a wide range of businesses within the Recruitment and HR sectors, supporting what is a huge ecosystem with its own complex web of support services. Communication security, as ever, remains extremely important for every business within that ecosystem and we’re making it our mission to give them the tools to keep their digital email data, and that of their clients, safe.

With a core focus of securing digital communications, we are a provider of market-leading solutions and are trusted advisors to our clients on their regulatory and technical responsibilities and requirements. Mailock, our cloud-based platform, works with their email systems and reduces commercial risk by providing unique ‘identity-assured communication’ for transacting sensitive information.

Mailock creates a stronger control environment than existing solutions and enhances regulatory compliance. If properly administered, it can also improve levels of trust in your brand and unlocks additional reputational benefits relating to corporate responsibility and the wider sustainability agenda.

Beyond Encryption provides secure messaging and digital engagement solutions appropriate for organisations of all scales. From global corporates requiring an enterprise-level response, to small or medium-sized businesses, we can provide a professional and cost-effective product that will ensure any document sent will only be available to the intended recipients. Simple to use and easy to integrate into your existing IT infrastructure, Mailock offers benefits that are truly ‘beyond encryption’.

Beyond Encryption are delighted to announce we have partnered with the Recruitment Industry's leading body the REC.

The REC, in conjunction with Beyond Encryption, are offering special rates for REC Members for Mailock subscriptions. To find out more please click here.

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