8 Nov 2016

Tesco Bank Hack – could the weekly shop be the culprit?

For some time we’ve debated what organisation should share ‘in the open’ when you choose to place your business with them!

I for one am uncomfortable that Tesco, or indeed most other organisations from whom we order our online goods, choose to send an ‘in the clear’ confirmation email, the content of which may be intercepted and used to defraud me !! Could this have been a contributing factor to the latest Tesco Bank hack?

I suspect that few of us will be too worried whether an email hacker knows about our dietary inclinations but do we really need our name, address and parts of our payment card details replayed in a manner that might be available to those who have less than scrupulous intents in mind.

I guess the problem becomes more acute when we start to buy ‘higher ticket’ items online!

Given that we are all encouraged to buy much more than just our groceries online, surely its time to ensure that you protect your email content and insist that your suppliers do the same!

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