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Top Tips

Our top tips highlight some of the most useful features of Mailock to make sure you're getting the most from it!


Initially sending clients a secure email, requesting a reply, will prompt the quick and simple Mailock registration process.

Your clients have a choice to register for a free account with Beyond Encryption, or to remain an unregistered user.

As an unregistered user, a client will be able to read your secure emails, but will not be eligible to join your “secure community.”

If your client registers they will become part of your secure community, removing the need for further security challenges. Registering also allows them to reply to you securely, for free.


Using a secure Mailock email to request sensitive data from a client will enable them to send that information to you securely!

Your Mailock Business Premium licence allows recipients to reply to you securely for free.

A very useful feature when you need to request sensitive data from a client as part of an ongoing transaction.


For Outlook users with the add-in installed, take a moment to check any Mailock secure email that you send has been addressed correctly as you have the option to completely revoke a message.

Breaches often occur due to an email being inadvertently sent to the wrong person.

The Mailock identity challenge addresses this problem by ensuring that only the correct person can access the email. 5 failed attempts at the identity challenge will result in the email being automatically revoked by the system.

For Outlook users using our add-in, Mailock also offers the sender a complete revoke function, far more robust that the normal email recall request.

Opening the sent email and selecting the “access details” - via the drop-down arrow on the Mailock blue button - offers the sender a revoke option. If this option is ticked the recipient will be advised that the email is revoked and is unavailable to view.


If you are using Microsoft Office, you will most likely have access to Outlook. You can link any web-based emails – for example Gmail – to Outlook and then you can utilise the functions of the Mailock Add-in, including the full audit trail.

Using Outlook will enable you to install the Mailock Add-in, which provides you with a full audit trail of your secure emails.

This includes the date and time a secure email was opened, date any attachments were opened and any revoke activity.

This information is available if you open the sent email and select the drop-down arrow on the Mailock icon.


Configuring “nudge” words in the Mailock admin console demonstrates to the ICO an ongoing commitment to staff training around data security.

Outlook users
In the admin console, you can configure a list of words which, if they appear in your users’ outbound email, will solicit a security ‘nudge’.

These words are already pre-set within the system but can be tailored to your individual requirements.

Outlook and web users
Whilst you are in the admin console don’t forget to apply your company branding to appear on your client’s notification of a secure email. This is your email and should promote your business's intent to keep client data secure.


Be sure to apply your company logo to demonstrate your brand's commitment to the securing of client data.

In the Mailock Company Admin console, you can apply your logo/branding.

This will then appear on the recipient’s notification email and is a great way to assure your clients that you are committed to meeting both your regulatory requirements and their expectations in terms of the processing of personal data.