What happens when I send someone an email using Mailock?

You’ve used Mailock to send someone a secure message, but what happens next? Your recipient will receive an email from us saying you have used Mailock to send them a message:

Read my message

They just have to click on ‘Read my message’ which takes them to our sign in screen where they will need to do a 1-time sign up to create an account, the same as you may have done already. It doesn’t take long and it’s all explained here.

After they’ve signed in they will see the challenge question you set:

our secret Passphrase

Once answered they will see your email:

Final email

The ‘Reply all’ button at the top right can be used to send a secure email back.

If they are receiving a few emails they may want to consider using our Outlook add-in or mobile apps, which can be downloaded here.