What happens when I send someone an email using Mailock?

You’ve used Mailock to send someone a secure message, but what happens next? Your recipient will receive an email from us saying you have used Mailock to send them a message:

Secure email notification

They then click on 'Read my message' but what happens differs depending on whether they're reading as a guest or if they've signed up for a free read and reply account:

Guest Read and reply account
Verify your email address

We need to verify the recipient has access to their mailbox by sending them a code. This stops, for example, forwarded copies from being read. They click on the 'Send code' and check their inbox.
Sign in

The recipient is asked to sign in. We've already verified their email address and that is recorded against their account so we don't need to send a code, as we do for a guest.
Receive verify code

They will receive a 6 digit code to their inbox.
Enter verify code

The code is entered back in their internet browser.
Enter passphrase

Now their email has been verified it's time to verify their identity. This means that even if the email account had been compromised the message could not be read if they can't answer this question. You, the sender, would have been asked to enter a secure passphase when sending - this needs to be something that could not be guessed, or found easily. In this case a phrase was agreed over the phone and the recipient enters it here.
Enter passphrase

A registered recipient is also asked to verify the identity in the same way. However, once successfully answered, we now know that the recipient (who has signed in using their email address and password) has confirmed their identity and this is recorded against your account. Next time you send them a secure message this step becomes optional i.e. you don't have to set a identity challenge and they wouldn't see this screen.
Read email Read email

They can now read your message.

Reply to email

If they want to reply securely (there's a 'Reply' button at the top right of the screen when they are reading their message) we will need them to register. These read and reply accounts are free.
Reply to email

As they've already registered clicking on Reply takes them to the compose screen where they can write their message. Their message will be sent securely using Mailock.