What is a Beyond Encryption message vault?

The Mailock system protects your data by using ‘encryption’ to ensure that all of your email content and attachments are protected before they leave your desktop / device.

Your content and attachments are stored as ‘locked boxes’ in a location / environment, known as a message vault and are only released to your intended recipient when they have satisfactorily proved their identity to you; this is achieved via a combination of system logon credentials and an optional challenge that you, as the sender, may set them.

When you register a Beyond Encryption account, a Beyond Encryption message vault is created automatically for you.

You may chose to switch to one of the other storage vaults supported by Mailock by logging into https://www.besecuremail.com, clicking your account name in the top right hand corner and selecting ‘Manage Data Store’ from the menu. Business users wishing to integrate their own data stores should contact the support team at support@beyondencryption.com.

All content remains encrypted so no one, except you and your intended recipient, can view it.