6 Nov 2018

World Paper Free Day

Today is World Paper Free Day, an annual campaign day launched by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) aimed at reducing the amount of paper people generate in their personal and work lives.

Using secure email to replace paper and post has huge benefits for the sender and recipient alike . .

  • increased security
  • huge positive ecological impact
  • dramatic reduction in costs
  • improved convenience / service efficiency / audit


“By way of example, a company with 500,000 customers / clients issuing colour collateral might issue the equivalent of  . . .

  • nearly 98 million sheets of A4 paper in one year = 


  • approx. 16,000 trees in paper production (2 football pitches)

together with

  • 1,200 tonnes of water (1/2 Olympic size swimming pools)


  • 2 tonnes of ink. 

This  process equates to 2,300 tonnes of CO2 emissions. 

Email and data Storage for same volume of correspondence  = around 10 tonnes of CO2 emissions – (assuming each email has large attachment)”

copyright: Beyond Encryption Ltd – all rights reserved 2018


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from ‘Beyond Encryption®

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