Securing your Email using the Outlook Add-in

Outlook secure email to a new recipient

Outlook secure email send - New recipient

A look at the experience associated with sending a Mailock email from Microsoft Outlook to a new recipient (a party who is not yet part of your secure 'Trusted Community').


Once you have installed the Mailock Outlook add-in, you will be asked to sign in before being able to read or send any secure emails.

To do this, just enter your Username (this is the email address that you used when you first registered) and your Password and click the ‘Sign in’ button.

Remember, although it's possible for anyone to download and install the Outlook Add-in, only Business Premium users can use it to read and send Mailock secure messages. If you'd like to find out about upgrading, you can read more here.


To begin sending a secure email, either click ‘Compose New Secure Email’, or ‘New Email’. Both will cause the usual email composition screen to appear, the only difference is the Mailock logo found in the top left.

By initially clicking ‘Compose New Secure Email’, the button in the top left will be blue, showing that the email you are sending is secure. 


If you initially click ‘New Email’, the button in the top left will be red, showing that the email you are sending is insecure.

By clicking on the button any time before you send your email, you can toggle your message between secure and insecure.


If you try to send an unsecured email, the Outlook add-in automatically checks for any trigger words within the message that may suggest it should be sent securely. If any are found, the following will be shown:

This pop-up will inform you of the words it found that suggested the email should be secured and give you the option to change the message to be sent securely or continue with it being sent unsecured.