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Exchange confidential emails and attachments, easily and securely. Encrypt, engage, and save paper with Mailock.

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Why secure email?

How Mailock helps your business

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Prevent interception

Prevent interception

Protect customers from email interception and fraud with NSA-grade security. Encrypt off-site data for FCA and ICO compliance.

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Communicate efficiently

“Can’t you just email it to me?!' Exchange sensitive documents easily, instantly, with peace-of-mind that data is safely shared.
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Minimise paper output

Save carbon and save costs by minimising your paper output. Meet your ESG targets and do it with bottom-line impact.

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Reduce human risk

Emails sent to the wrong person are the #1 cause of data exposure. Decrease risk with multi-factor authentication and Full Revoke.


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How will you use Mailock?

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Secure client comms

Protect email exchanges from cyber threat and human error with our email encryption add-in for Outlook. Encrypt, authenticate, and engage with Mailock.

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Outbound email security

Secure messages and documents between company and customer. Get full BI/MI analytics. Encrypt, engage, and gain intelligence with Mailock.

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Digital recorded delivery®

Deliver confidential documents to your customers at scale, with automated AES-256 bulk email encryption. Encrypt, automate, and audit with Mailock.

Protect customers

"From a governance, data security and ease of use point of view what we gain is significant.

It allows us to demonstrate to our customers that we take protecting their data seriously, with an industry standard platform they can use to send and receive free-of-charge."

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It's email as you
know it, encrypted

Free your data from open-risk email, with AES-256 encryption and multi-factor authentication for messages and attachments.



Initiate a secure email from your desktop or the web, or pipe in your document output to encrypt in bulk.



Set authentication challenges (SMS, Q&A, third-party) so only the right people can open your emails.



Deliver emails and attachments with end-to-end AES-256 encryption - the NSA standard for classified data.



Maintain full audit trails for every message. Get read alerts when emails are opened so you can follow up.



Sent to the wrong person? Remove access to emails anytime, even if they've been opened - with Full Revoke.



Recipients attach and encrypt free. Empower customers with a secure email thread to your business.



Mailock integrates with any email provider, alongside your CRM, antivirus, and data loss prevention (DLP).



Deliver confidential documents to your customers at scale, with automated digital recorded delivery®.

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Find out more about secure comms solutions designed for financial advisers and providers.

Pricing plans

Simple, scalable plans



Secure client comms

per user, per month (+VAT)
Q&A authentication
SMS authentication
Third-party authentication**
Full message revoke
Custom trigger words
Promote your brand
Outlook/M365 integration
On-prem/cloud deployment
API control & monitoring
Bulk send & automation


Digital recorded delivery®

On enquiry
(priced by volume)
Q&A authentication
SMS authentication
Third-party authentication**
Full message revoke
Custom trigger words
Promote your brand
Outlook/M365 integration
On-prem/cloud deployment
API control & monitoring
Bulk send & automation

Ts & Cs

  • All prices exclude VAT.
  • *Fair usage policy applies.

  • **We are continually developing 3rd party authentication integrations.

  • Data storage periods can be customised to meet enterprise plan needs.

  • Features deployed for enterprise plans may vary based on infrastructure, requirements, and the package negotiated with our team.

  • Existing Business Premium, Pro, or Lite licence holders, please contact support.

  • Message expiry periods: Free plans are limited to 21-day message expiry, Professional to 365-day message expiry, Enterprise and Automated message expiry periods are 365 days+.
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Mailock For Outlook

Using Outlook?

Our secure email add-in for Outlook gives you the power of encrypted, identity verified comms, without leaving your inbox.



What's email encryption?

Email encryption is the encrypting, or disguising, of email content to protect it from being intercepted. It is a key piece of outbound email security. Encryption is often coupled with identity authentication in secure email solutions to make sure email contents can't be read by anyone other than the intended recipient.

Is email not secure?

Email has been around as long as the internet has and it was never designed to be secure. When you send an email, it travels through multiple nodes in a network. At any one of these, a threat actor could be present. It could be at your mail server, the server of your recipient, or somewhere in the middle. If your email contents are not encrypted, they can be accessed, even manipulated, on the way to their destination, or in your recipients' inboxes.

Can I encrypt emails?

The most common email clients including Outlook, Gmail, and iOS provide a level of basic outbound encryption. However, none of these offer recipients using any device an easy way to encrypt their replies. Mailock also gives you the additional flexibility of multiple authentication options to ensure only the right people can gain access if a recipient's inbox is compromised.

What is secure email?

A layer of encryption is important, but it doesn't protect against the #1 cause of data leaks - human error. If you send a sensitive email to the wrong person, encryption won't protect you. Secure email solutions combine identity authentication with email encryption, so even if you send an email to the wrong address, the wrong person can't gain access. Authentication methods can include device checks, challenge questions, or third-party certificates. If sending sensitive data to the wrong person is a concern, choosing an email encryption solution with authentication capabilities is the answer.

What is Mailock?

Mailock is a secure email solution that enables the safe and compliant exchange of confidential data. It combines award-winning encryption technology with multi-factor identity authentication to protect confidential emails from cyber risk and keep customer information protected.