Mailock® Secure Email

Just email it (securely)!

Don't make your customers jump through hoops to access information they need. Deliver sensitive documents and data by email.

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Why secure email?

Connect Safely

Exchange sensitive

information safely

Mailock secure email empowers companies to exchange sensitive information with customers, without risking their data.

  • End-to-end email encryption
  • Multi-factor recipient authentication
  • Use on the web, in Outlook, or automate
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Key Features

It's email as you
know it, secured

Free your email data from risk, with secure email encryption and recipient authentication.

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Integrate with Windows Outlook and M365. Use alongside your CRM, antivirus, and other mail tools.

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Compose a secure email from your desktop, browser, or use rules and keywords to initiate the encryption.

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Secure emails and attachments with AES-256 encryption - virtually impenetrable protection for confidential data.

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Set authentication challenges to verify your recipients’ identity so only the right people gain access.

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Keep audit trails for every message and track your recipients’ activity with real-time read notifications.

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Recipients can encrypt their replies for free. Empower your customers with a secure thread to your business.

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Sent to the wrong person? Remotely revoke access to emails regardless of your recipient's email provider.

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Deliver confidential documents to your customers at high volume with automated secure email delivery.

Why Mailock?

Transform communications

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Reduce human risk

Misfired emails are the #1 cause of data exposure. Reduce risk with recipient authentication and message revoke.

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Deliver with immediacy

“Can’t you just email it to me?!' Exchange sensitive documents easily, instantly, with peace-of-mind that info is safely shared.
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Cut postal costs

Save carbon and save costs by minimising your print and post output. Meet your ESG targets and do it with bottom-line impact.

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Prevent interception

Protect against email interception and fraud with advanced security. Encrypt data for FCA and ICO compliance.

Business Plans

How will you use Mailock?

Male professional using Mailock Pro to send a secure email in a canteen using his laptop


For client communications

Email safely with an easy-use toolset for professionals and teams.

Female professional smiling and sitting in office with colleagues and using laptop to secure emails


For high-volume contact

Protect all your sensitive outbound emails with our secure gateway.

IT team member looking at computer and reviewing email encryption interface


For scaled digital delivery

Deliver customer comms at scale with automated secure email delivery.



It's a no-brainer!

It’s the ability to send information quickly and easily that adds credibility to our proposition. That's important. Secure email works for us, our advisers, and our clients.

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Take The Next Step

Compare plans

Compare our simple pricing plans to find the right secure email package for your business.


FAQs, answered

Encrypted email?

Email encryption is the process of encrypting, or disguising, email content to protect it from being intercepted.

It is a key piece of outbound email security. Encryption is often coupled with identity authentication in secure email solutions to make sure email contents can't be read by anyone other than the intended recipient.

Is email not secure?

Email has been around as long as the internet has and it was never designed to be secure.

When you send an email, it travels through multiple nodes in a network. At any one of these, a threat actor could be present.

It could be at your mail server, the server of your recipient, or somewhere in the middle.

If your email contents are not encrypted, they can be accessed, even manipulated, on the way to your recipients.

What is secure email?

A layer of encryption is important, but it doesn't protect against the #1 cause of data leaks - human error.

Secure email solutions combine identity authentication with email encryption, so even if you send to the wrong address, the wrong person can't gain access.

This also adds extra protection against threat actors, especially in the event of an inbox takeover attack.

Recipient authentication methods can include device checks, challenge questions, or third-party certificates.

Can I encrypt emails?

The most common email clients including Outlook, Gmail, and iOS provide a basic level of outbound encryption.

Mailock brings recipient authentication to email along with additional secure communications features that make it fit for businesses who need to transfer sensitive information, including:

  • military-grade encryption
  • trigger word warnings
  • free sends for recipients
  • high-volume delivery

What is Mailock?

Mailock is a secure email solution that enables the safe and compliant exchange of confidential data.

It combines advanced encryption technology with multi-factor identity authentication to protect confidential emails from cyber risk and keep customer information protected.

Terms and conditions

  • All prices exclude VAT.
  • Fair usage policy applies to unlimited secure email quotas.
  • Message expiry periods vary by plan.
  • Features, pricing, and data storage periods for enterprise plans vary based on infrastructure, requirements, and the package negotiated with our team.

Our Acceptable Use Policy and End User Agreement apply to all plans.