Getting started with Mailock

Sending a secure email to a new recipient using the Mailock add-in for Outlook

A look at the experience associated with sending a Mailock email from Microsoft Outlook to a new recipient (a party who is not yet part of your secure 'Trusted Community').

Receiving a secure email for the first time as an unregistered user

See the important end user recipient experience when receiving a secure Mailock message for the first time. Your recipient does not require any software installation and does not need to register for a Mailock account. Registering for a free account is only required upon reply.

Replying to a secure email as an unregistered user

Your recipients are able to reply to the sender securely and for free, by way of a quick and light registration process. Once completed this recipient becomes part of the senders ‘trusted’ community of verified users having met the sender’s identity challenge and registered.

Sending a secure email to a member of your secure 'trusted' community

The simplified secure send process for a Microsoft Outlook user emailing a recipient who is part of your secure trusted community. Having met your identity challenge and registered for a basic (free) account with Beyond Encryption, your recipient is added to your trusted community.

Receiving and replying to a secure email for a recipient who is a ‘trusted’ secure community member

Once the sender and recipient are ‘connected’ by way of their secure community, two way secure communications becomes extremely simple and efficient.

Reading a secure email using the Outlook add-in

The recipient of a Mailock email can also use the add-in for Outlook even if they only have a free “read and reply” licence. Mailock emails will then be fully integrated with their mailboxes.

Sending a secure email using a web browser or mobile device

Whether mobile or operating within a Web Browser, its simple to send secure email with your Mailock account.

Linking a Unipass Identity to your Mailock account

How to link a Unipass ID to your account, enabling you to access Unipass identity services to sign into your Mailock account and verify recipients' identities.

Navigating the Company Admin console

Configure and navigate your company administration.

Key Mailock features in action

Learn more about Mailock's key features.

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