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Guarantee email data compliance

Secure digital communications are crucial for compliance with regulatory guidance. Fulfil your obligations to protect sensitive data.

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Know your obligations

Regulations concerning confidential communication are more stringent than ever. Non-compliance can be costly, with businesses and individuals liable. Whether you need to deliver information from a staffed contact centre or in automated fashion, knowing your obligations is key.

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Email compliance regulatory guidance

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Encrypt data

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) require businesses to encrypt sensitive data transferred digitally. The ICO can levy fines of up to £17m for non-compliance (or 4% of turnover).

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Authenticate recipients

Proof-of-delivery is required by the FCA for certain types of document (e.g., KIDs). The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) also steers businesses to use authentication and prevent unauthorised access.

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Record delivery

Retaining records is vital for compliance with ICO guidance. The FCA mandates that regulated businesses record all communications and retain proof-of-delivery to the right person for investment documentation.

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ICO General Guidance

Revoke access

By law, a data breach must be reported to the ICO within 72 hours. As the ICO notes, having recourse to revoke a sensitive email sent to the wrong person can contain the breach before it reaches the threshold for reporting.

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FCA Consumer Duty

Support customers

Are you encouraging customers to send their information into your business unsecured? The FCA's Consumer Duty is a mandate to provide easy-to-understand communications and protect customers from financial harm.

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Take responsibility

The FCA's guidance for senior managers (SM&CR) states that they will be held responsible if a breach occurs and they didn't take reasonable steps to prevent it. Individual fines have already been levied up to £321,000.

Deliver confidential

information securely

We've designed Mailock to help companies fulfil their compliance obligations and engage their customers. Deliver sensitive information digitally, securely, and without compromise.

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Secure sensitive emails and attachments by obscuring data with military strength AES-256 encryption.
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Authenticate recipients using challenges including email verification, SMS code, question-and-answer, and Unipass.
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Error prevention

Prompt users to send a message securely if it includes certain types of information, with trigger words.
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Timestamped audit trails track message opens, clicks, and downloads for proof-of-delivery and recording.

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Message revoke

Messages can be revoked at user or admin level, immediately removing access to lock down a breach.
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Two-way comms

Recipients can encrypt their emails for free. Empower your customers with a secure thread to your business.

For your business...

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High response rates

Deliver to inboxes, so customers respond. Mailock generates open rates over 80%.

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Low-cost service

If you're switching from print and post, secure email could generate up to 90% savings.

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Scaled delivery

Send secure emails from employee desktops and deliver sensitive documents at scale.

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Easy integration

Integrate easily with your mail flow. Use our Windows Outlook add-in for desktop controls.

For your customers...

A secure thread
to your business

Share the power to email securely

It’s not enough to protect information one way only. Mailock makes it easy for clients to reply securely to all your messages, and it gives them free sends in case they need to deliver sensitive information to others.

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Easy to use

Excellent service as always. Very easy to use. Well done Beyond Encryption!

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Excellent service

My query was dealt with efficiently & promptly. You were very patient!

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Safe & secure

Fast - and good to know my details are safe. Easy for me to work out.

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