Mailock® Automated

Deliver secure

email at scale

Automated secure email delivery

Deliver sensitive communications to your customers at scale safely, with high-volume automated secure email delivery.

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Transform costly

print operations

Switch to secure email delivery

Transform your confidential customer communications by switching from print and post to secure email delivery. Whether you handle your communications internally or outsource to a third-party, we can help.

  • Comply with FCA/ICO guidance
  • Reduce print and post costs
  • Engage customers by email
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How it works

1. Delivery

Route your sensitive document output through Mailock and provide any details needed to authenticate recipients.

ML Auto Bulk Delivery Engine Min

2. Authentication

Recipients click ‘Open’ on the notification delivered to their inbox. They’ll answer an identity challenge, or if they're trusted, they can read right away.

Securing a message with SMS using Mailock

3. Response

If people need to reply to a secure message, they can use Mailock to compose, attach, and reply using their existing email address and account.

Securely compose using our web app
ML Auto Bulk Delivery Engine Min
Securing a message with SMS using Mailock
Securely compose using our web app

Meet your ESG goals

We found significant benefits to switching from print and post to secure email delivery in research conducted with Project Rome's Simon Pringle, Associate Fellow Of Chatham House & Professor at University of Edinburgh.​

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Lower costs

Through our consultancy process, we found that for businesses with high outputs, secure email generates 95% savings on print, pack, and post.


Carbon savings

Taking into account the full lifecycle of paper production and delivery, secure email helps businesses to reduce their carbon impact by over 80%.

270 tonnes of carbon

Results to be proud of

By applying the findings to our existing base, we were able to show our client, Aegon, that it has saved 270 tonnes of CO2 since joining our service in 2019.


"Customers love it!"

Secure replies for your customers

Deliver where customers will respond. Empower them to reply easily and securely using their existing email address so your CRM log their responses.

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Happy recipients:

Quick and helpful

Very quick and helpful service. Easy to understand and efficient. Thanks!

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Not too complicated

Not complicated for me at all, so must be very easy for younger generations!

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My data is safe

Good to know my data is safe! Easy to use once you get started.

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Audit trails

Track every message

Keep an irrefutable record of message opens, attachment downloads, and revoke calls with secure audit trails. In regulated sectors, proof-of-delivery is paramount.

The audit trail pane in Mailock company admin


Prevent interception

End-to-end encryption

Military grade encryption ensures only ID-verified recipients can access secure messages and attachments.

Sending an automated secure email


Check identity

Multi-factor authentication

Authenticate recipient identity using native email verification, SMS code, question-and-answer, and Unipass ID challenges.

Reading an automated secure email


Protect data

Do your duty to protect data in line with regulatory guidance (FCA/ICO).

Encrypt personal information (GDPR)

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) require businesses to encrypt sensitive data transferred digitally. The ICO can levy fines of up to £17m for non-compliance (or 4% of turnover).

Record proof-of-delivery (MIFID II)

All businesses should record digital communications and retain proof-of-delivery to align with ICO guidance. Proof-of-receipt is required by the FCA for certain types of document (e.g., KIDs).

Protect customers (Consumer Duty)

Are you encouraging customers to send their information into your business unsecured? The FCA Consumer Duty is a mandate to provide easy-to-understand communications and protect customers from financial harm.

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We've saved 270
tonnes of CO2!

This dramatic reduction in the need to print and post important paperwork is one of the key ways companies can make carbon savings in their day-to-day operations.

 Ronnie Taylor  CDO, Aegon
CEO and team meeting to discuss bottom line savings potential from digital recorded delivery


No more post. 
Digitise and deliver.

Secure and accelerate customer email communications using email encryption and multi-factor recipient authentication.


End-to-end encryption

Deliver emails and attachments with robust end-to-end AES-256 encryption.


Recipient authentication

Authenticate recipients using email verification, SMS code, question-and-answer, or Unipass ID.


Revoke management

Use user/admin level audit trails or tap into the Mailock API to revoke sent secure messages.

Flexible integration

Integrate with Microsoft 365 alongside your other mail flow logic (e.g., antivirus, signature).

MI/BI analytics

Tap into the Mailock API for timestamped BI/MI analytics (send, open, revoke calls) to report on.


Fully managed service

Utilise our managed cloud service or host the Mailock software on-premise with our support.


Audit trails

Record timestamped audit trails for all message activity including sends, opens, and revoke calls.

Company branding

Customise the recipient journey (including email notifications) with your company branding.

High-volume output

Deliver automated secure email at scale with no imposed ceiling on volume (package dependent).

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