Mailock® Automated

Automated bulk
email encryption

Digital recorded delivery® at scale

Deliver confidential documents to your customers at scale, with fully automated, enterprise AES-256 email encryption. Encrypt, automate, and audit with Mailock.

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No more post. 
Digitise and deliver.

Accelerate customer communications. Send confidential documents by encrypted email.


End-to-end encryption

Deliver emails and attachments with end-to-end AES-256 encryption.

Security at scale

Security at scale

Send high-volume secure email with full queueing and BI/MI reporting.

Flexible integration

Flexible integration

Integrate securely with existing infrastructure using the Mailock API.

Push comms, pull engagement

Push-to-pull engagement

Send documents by email to encourage engagement with customer portals.

Digital recorded delivery®

Digital recorded delivery®

Get read receipts and a complete audit log of who opens messages, when.


Revoke capability

Use Full Revoke for human error protection with admin controls.

How it works


1. Encrypt

Route your digital document output through the Mailock network for automated encryption at scale. Deliver sensitive paperwork to customers - without the paper.


2. Connect

Recipients click ‘Open’ on the digital envelope delivered to their inbox to start the Mailock in-browser app. You can set challenges to verify their identity, or allow them to decrypt and read right away.


3. Engage

Our browser app works just like an email client. Recipients download files, compose, attach, and reply. When you receive their replies and attachments, they are automatically decrypted into your inbox.


Save carbon,
reduce costs

Digitise costly and inefficient print, pack, and post operations. Over 9.5 billion documents are sent in the UK each year, a majority of these by businesses. In financial services alone, digitising print and post operations could save £1.3 bn.

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Strengthen your
brand reputation

Let recipients know it’s your business that delivers, with company branding. Include your logo on secure email wrappers. Show your commitment to data protection.

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"We've saved 270
tonnes of CO2.

This dramatic reduction in the need to print and post important paperwork is one of the key ways that financial services companies can make significant CO2 emission savings by examining their day-to-day operations."

 Ronnie Taylor  CDO, Aegon
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Take the next step

See how Mailock could accelerate and protect your business.

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Mailock Enterprise

Our Enterprise plan means much more than automation

Learn how Mailock can power your everyday communications.

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