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Advanced outbound email security

Deploy our secure email and document encryption to your on-premise or cloud mail server. Protect valuable comms. Encrypt, engage, and gain intel with Mailock.

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Key Features

Secure emails and attachments

Our award-winning email gateway sits on your mail server or in the cloud, encrypting all your confidential business comms.

AES-256 encrypted

AES-256 encrypted

Encrypt emails sent from your integrated mail server with award-winning AES-256 data encryption.

ICO Compliant

ICO compliant

Record timestamped audit trails for message activity. ISO 27001 guidance says auditable comms are essential.

Zero Friction

Zero friction

Deploy Mailock alongside your CRM, antivirus, server-side signature, and data loss prevention (DLP).

Policy Adaptable

Policy adaptable

Set up custom encryption triggers and user alerts to tailor Mailock to your business' infosec priorities.

Fully Configurable

Fully configurable

Configure how encryption is initiated by system users (manual, trigger words, rule-based, or automated).
Flexible Control

Flexible control

Use the Mailock API for revocation, audit trails, MI/BI analytics, batched and bulk automated encryption.

Read and reply

Empower your customers

Recipients read and reply free

Empower customers to respond, with the knowledge that their data is secure. Mailock® drives engagement - 60% of messages are opened the same day they’re sent.

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How it works


1. Encrypt

Start an encrypted message with a button in your email client, or use company-wide trigger words to route messages containing sensitive information through the Mailock network.

Secure message arriving in an inbox

2. Connect

Recipients click ‘Open’ on the digital envelope to start the Mailock in-browser app. You can set challenges to verify their identity, or allow them to decrypt and read your message right away.

Recipients click ‘Open’ on the digital envelope delivered to their inbox to start the Mailock browser app

3. Engage

Our browser app works just like an email client. Recipients can download files, compose, attach, and reply. When you receive their replies, they are automatically decrypted into your inbox.

Secure read in Mailock web app
Secure message arriving in an inbox
Recipients click ‘Open’ on the digital envelope delivered to their inbox to start the Mailock browser app
Secure read in Mailock web app

M365 Integration

Encrypt M365 emails

Enhance Microsoft 365 with the power to encrypt emails and documents sent to any email provider, on any device. Grant secure access with multi-factor authentication. Mailock adds an additional layer of protection to 365 email:

  • Multi-factor recipient authentication
  • Full message and attachment revoke
    (regardless of receiving email client)
  • Free encrypted replies (including
    document transfer) for recipients
  • Simple set up and deployment
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Gain intelligence

Monitor engagement

Leverage BI/MI analytics

Tap into the Mailock API for usage and engagement analytics. Surface key insights such as customer response times and attachment download rates.

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Maintain compliance

Prevent data loss

Use custom security profiling

Every company has a different profile for what should be considered sensitive information. With Mailock, you can customise our preset filters for the kinds of information that trigger an email to be encrypted.

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74% of data breaches happen by email

ICO Data Security & Incident Trends Q2 2021

"It's a no-brainer. It’s the ability to send information quickly, easily that adds credibility to our proposition. That’s important."

Ben Allen The Right Mortgage
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Make an impact

Transform comms

Make email a force for good, meet your goals, and reduce your costs while you're at it.

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Save paper

Strengthen your environmental, social, and governance proposition. Businesses with strong ESG goals achieve higher equity returns and reductions in bottom-line risk.

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Boost efficiency

Over 9.5 billion documents are sent in the UK each year, the vast majority by businesses. In the UK financial services industry alone, digitising print and post operations could save £1.3 bn.

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Protect data

Free your organisation from open-risk email. Protect messages and files from cyber threat and human error. Exchange documents securely with customers and keep their data safe.

Advanced security

Bilateral protection

Cybercrime is always increasing, but it's not the greatest threat to sensitive emails. Sending to the wrong person is the number one source of enterprise incidents. That's why Mailock doesn't just encrypt, it also protects messages in from human error.

Human error

Make sure emails sent in error remain secure. Use multi-factor authentication to identify recipients before they can gain access. Use Full Revoke as a last resort lockdown option.
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Cyber threat

Fortify your comms against cyber criminals, with NSA-grade AES-256 encryption. Mailock safeguards your confidential data on its journey and at rest, on your mail server and in recipients' inboxes.

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Cyber security developer using laptop to work at conference
Woman with laptop looking at server status


Regulatory guidance


“Personal data shall be: processed in a manner that ensures appropriate security of the personal data, including protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage, using appropriate technical or organisational measures ('integrity and confidentiality').”
ICO, 2021

ISO 27001

“You should use encrypted communication channels when transmitting personal data. You should have an encryption policy in place that governs how and when you implement encryption, and you should also train your staff in the use and importance of encryption. When storing or transmitting personal data, you should use encryption and ensure that your encryption solution meets current standards.”
ICO, 2021

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Mailock Enterprise

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