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Enhance your email security protocols with Mailock's trigger words. This functionality serves as a safety net by automatically detecting sensitive content in emails and prompting users to secure them before sending.

Automatic Detection: When users attempt to send an unsecured email from Outlook that contains predefined sensitive words in the subject or body, the Mailock Add-In will alert them to the presence of these phrases. It then prompts the user to decide whether the message should be sent securely, ensuring that sensitive information is not transmitted inadvertently.

Customisation: Administrators can create and manage custom lists of trigger words tailored to the specific needs of their company. This customisation allows for greater control over what constitutes sensitive information, depending on the business context and data protection requirements.

Preventive Measures: The feature includes an option to prevent users from disabling the trigger word detection. This setting is enabled by default to maintain a high level of security, but it can be adjusted to allow users more flexibility if deemed appropriate.

Mailock's trigger words feature is essential for businesses that handle sensitive information regularly. It helps to ensure that all communications are secured in compliance with company policies and privacy regulations, minimising the risk of data breaches.

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