AssureScore® Crowd ID

Identify customers,

accelerate operations

AssureScore's data from network interactions can help identify customers and profile communications risk.

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Scale trust

Crowd authentication®

Verify identity without checking ID

  • Leverage networked authentication data
  • Reduce security-caused process friction
  • Minimise paper ID security checks
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The Problem

How do you know your customers?

When opening a bank account, you're typically required to provide several forms of identification, such as a valid passport, driver's licence, and sometimes a recent utility bill. The bank relies on these documents, as validated by the Passport Office, DVLA, and utility providers, to sufficiently reduce risk and proceed with opening your account.

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It's vital we know who we're talking to in a digital world.

AssureScore strengthens your relationships with customers by fortifying trust at a distance.

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The Solution

Understanding networks

If we take the above real-life ID authentication example and consider how it can be applied to the online world, the power of AssureScore becomes very clear. Digital messages and transactions represent direct points of contact between individuals and other individuals and organisations, building in volume over time.

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Anonymous identity

The power of AssureScore is that it calculates and applies a score to each digital connection, recognising the value of each source and recipient, along with the nature, recency, and frequency of contact. The sum of all these scores results in an ID authentication value to provide all parties with greater certainty about who they are dealing with, all anonymously.

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