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What is Mailock?

A secure email solution your clients can rely on

Safeguard sensitive information easily when sending emails with Mailock's fully integrated encryption software.

  • unique 2-factor authentication, which goes beyond email encryption
  • fully integrated with existing email and network systems
  • ensures only the intended recipient can access email data
  • real-time data 'paper trail' for fully auditable comms
  • demonstrates your commitment to customer data protection
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Apply using the form below by giving us a few details about your company, and we'll book an initial call with the team.
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Discovery session

We'll take the time to listen and understand what your requirements are and the challenges you're looking to solve.

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We'll walk you through Mailock so you can see just how easy it is to use and talk you through how we work with our partners.

Why work with us?

Mailock manages the email risk, you get the reward. Become a Mailock partner.


Market-leading tech

We're a recognised and trusted software brand, leading the way in email encryption. Working with global companies, we deliver exceptional secure communication products and customer service.


Fast-tracked growth

With our simple tier-based pricing and dedicated marketing funds to support your sales process, growing your business for the long term has never been easier. The more you sell, the better the pricing you’ll receive.


Dedicated partner team

We’re here to make your life easier with full training, partner-focused events and marketing campaigns to ensure you’ll have the information you need to deliver the very best service to your customers.


UK-based support

Give your customers confidence over compliance, with robust and sophisticated software which is easy to use. We’ll give you the support you need to offer them exactly what they require.



For light users

Enquire for pricing
5 secure emails per month
30-day message persistence
Company admin portal
Built-in trigger words
Outlook integration
Q&A authentication


For 50+ user businesses

Enquire for pricing
Unlimited secure emails*
365-day+ message persistence
Technical admin portal
Custom trigger words
M365 integration
Configurable authentication
API / Web Service connections
Full message revoke
Customisable branding
Domain security control
Cloud hosting support
Automation on request


Our partnership program is designed to ensure you feel like part of our trusted community

... from day one, we go above and beyond to ensure you’re rewarded for your hard work and delivery.

 Paul Holland  CEO, Beyond Encryption
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Partner marketing

Easy to implement marketing

The best results come from having a conversation where everyone understands the subject, ensuring decision making is quicker and easier. So, we have a no jargon promise, and a dedicated marketing fund with tried and tested campaigns that drive engagement, making things simpler for you to showcase your brand, and get you the results you want.

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Deal protection promise

Everyone wants everything at lightning speed, and we know getting you the information you need for your customers will be the measure of your success. You've done the hard work of signing your clients, and we're here to help you protect those relationships. Our deal registration program locks in and gives you exclusive ownership of the deal.

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