Who are we?

Hey, we’re
Beyond Encryption.

It's our mission to set your business free from risk, so you can engage your customers. We develop tech that puts security and simplicity at the heart of communications.

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Introducing B.E.

We're proud to be...



We’re based in leafy Fareham, Hampshire, UK. Our door is always open, so you’re welcome to drop by for tea (and cake) if you're in town.

Problem solvers

We build brilliant encryption technologies including Mailock®, nigel, and AssureScore, and we love solving problems for our customers.



Paul Holland, our CEO, is not only a super boss but is daily referred to by clients as the nicest man on the planet (plus, he buys the cake...).

Our 'why?'

Identity drives us

Our digital identity is made up of all the footprints we leave in our online interactions. Organisations have a duty to protect the information they hold for customers, but many unknowingly expose data to unsecured channels, putting identity at risk.

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Securing identity

Enter, Mailock

Mailock powers businesses to communicate highly securely using a standard email client. In the process, it protects customer identity, heightens customer engagement, and improves operational efficiency. All this, while helping to make a positive impact.

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Growing the Ecosystem

Watch this space

We’re passionate about helping companies to securely connect with customers - Mailock is just the start. It turns out, we use email for pretty much everything we do online, which makes it uniquely tied to our digital identity. We've tamed the world’s most unsecured medium, now we're exploring what that could mean for a more secure future.

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Our people

We're solution orientated, we're problem solvers. We're trusted advisors, we're tech experts. We're people and product fanatics.



Paul Holland

With over 30 years’ experience in the development of web platforms for the professional service industry, Paul is the founder of Beyond Encryption. Paul’s visionary leadership is the driving force behind our activities and solutions.


Technical Services Director

Mike Wakefield

Mike has considerable experience in leading high performing software development teams. Utilising the latest agile project management techniques, he is a critical part of our technical and product leadership team.

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A 'cyber essential'

Learn how Mailock powers businesses.