Our commitments

Working towards

a better future

We are committed to protecting the environment, creating fulfilling jobs, and building a more just and equitable society.

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Our B Corp status

As a B Corp, we’re part of a global community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact. This impact is continually monitored, keeping us accountable to our promises.


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What we promise

We believe that promises are the foundation of meaningful relationships. These promises guide our actions and shape our approach to business, ensuring that we create a positive and lasting impact in everything we do.

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Community promise

We will create compassionate partnerships based on trust so we succeed together.


Environmental promise

We will create a culture that has a net positive impact on the environment around us.


Communication promise

We will interact with people in ways that foster honest and respectful dialogue.

Community Impact

The Summer Forum

Our people strategy

is key to our success

Our people are a huge part of what makes us Beyond Encryption. We know that people do their best work when they can be themselves, which is why we focus so much on cultural fit within our recruitment process, while continuously providing support throughout the business.

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sustainabilty care leaders

Care leaders

We're supported by a wonderful team of wellbeing first aiders, all of whom encourage an active culture of talking through and about mental health.
sustainabilty a social bunch

A social bunch

Our calendar boasts some amazing gatherings. These get-togethers include the families of our amazing people, plus the odd four-legged friend.
Keeping active

Keeping active

We’re not only social creatures, we’re active ones too. Alongside charity runs and team cycling, we also hold an annual garden Pétanque competition.

Workplace pension

We offer a customer-owned pension with strong environmental criteria to help our employees to have long-term support and stability.
Town hall meeting with colleagues

Town halls

Our quarterly town hall makes sure everyone is up-to-date on our business goals and everyone's voice is heard when it comes to the core strategy.

Seasonal gifts

For our team, it's not unusual to find a seasonal gifts on your desk - from free ice cream to smart gadgets and holiday-themed beverages.

Environmental Impact

We're helping businesses reduce print, pack, and post

Our flagship product is one way we're striving for change. Designed to help reduce the need for print and post, Mailock® secure email is a low impact alternative.

We're on a mission to help organisations to switch from print and post to digital solutions for the carbon savings and efficiency of communication they bring.

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Our logo is purple, but
we’re keen to be green


Flexible working

We've embraced remote and flexible working to minimise the carbon impact caused by commuting.

Vendor selection

We choose vendors that mirror our sustainability ethos, and we have a rigorous selection process.

Recyclable materials

We’re switching to 100% sustainable merchandise, events, and sales and marketing collateral.

Electric car scheme

Our team has access to an electric car scheme to help reduce the impact of office commutes.


Carbon consultation

We consult expert sustainability think tanks to produce carbon reduction resources for clients.

Quarterly rest days

Employees are offered quarterly rest days for their wellbeing and to reduce our carbon impact.

Communication impact

We go above and beyond to support our customers

Our communication promise extends beyond our internal culture - it permeates all our interactions, especially customer service. We pride ourselves on our five-star average rating from customers who speak to support.

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Quick and efficient!

Charlie was quick and efficient when helping with my issues and resolved them quickly.


Message query

Above & beyond!

Rob was very helpful, quick, and offered additional advice. Above and beyond!


Billing query

You genuinely care

Lou talked me through my query. An asset to your company who genuinely cares!


Access query

Knowledgable & helpful

Charlie is a credit to your company - professional, knowledgeable and helpful.


Account query

Timely & efficient

Great service, timely and efficient. Stayed online to make sure my issue was sorted.


Account query


We're verified good eggs

We're proud to hold the following certifications and statuses:


B Corp

Certified B Corps must meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.


Living Wage

We pay people a Living Wage because we're passionate about people and helping them to recognise their potential.

Cyber essentials badge

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials Plus is a government-backed scheme that ensures businesses have the defences in place to protect against cyber attacks.

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Staff Testimonial

As I’ve grown older, and brought children into this world...

... my mindset has become focused on the importance of nature and the world around us. I think every business, as well as every individual, has a responsibility to be respectful of nature, and to give back to it.

Luke Morley Financial Controller
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