Opening a secure message


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1. From the message you've received, click

on the 'Read my message' button


2. You'll need to verify your email address. Click on the 'Send code' button



3. Return to your inbox. You'll receive a new message with a 6 digit code - make a note of it.

Tip: when you return to your inbox, minimise, rather than close your browser

4. Go back to the browser tab that you left in step 2.  Enter the 6 digit code from step 3 and click on 'Verify' New-Prod-Graph4-4.1
5. You're through to your message! From here you can save a copy or reply to the sender New-Prod-Graph5-4.0


Verification codes expire after 30 minutes. If you click "Send code" again, any previous codes will no longer work.

If your codes are not being accepted:

  • Close all open Mailock browser tabs
  • Delete any emails containing codes from your inbox
  • Click "Read my message" again and wait for a new email with a fresh code

If you still don't receive a new email with a code, check your junk or spam folders as it may have ended up there. 

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There are other ways your sender may have secured your message. If you're seeing something different to the above, click here for more details on how to open your message.