Identity Secured Communication

Our solution creates competitive advantage by securing existing communications, increasing client engagement and reducing commercial risk.

Businesses have a duty of care to secure critical information as custodians of their clients' data. Securing client communications and helping protect their data and their identity can unlock ethical and environmental benefits whilst substantially reducing regulatory risks.

Enhanced compliance, audit and control are key benefits in meeting these regulatory requirements.

Client Confidentiality isn’t optional..

Mailock® by Beyond Encryption enables our users to safely send emails, using their existing email account, safe in the knowledge that the content is secured and can only be opened by their intended recipient.

Over 280 billion emails are sent each and every day. Many contain sensitive information or confidential attachments that can expose you, your business, clients, friends and family to identity theft.

Sending information to the wrong person in an email can be just as damaging as an online fraudster intercepting that same communication.

We are passionate about protecting identity…

Full Audit and reporting

Secure your content based on the recipient identity


Mailock® makes it simple to protect you and your recipients valuable information.

  • Secure your email and your recipients identity using a simple pass phrase, password or text. Easy to use and integrated into your daily email work flow.
  • Full audit & control of your email including Receipt, Confirmation of identity, Revoke, and attachment information.
  • Use your own email address, domains, Exchange Servers and branding.
  • Available for Outlook Desktop Client, IOS and Android devices or via our easy to use web site.
  • Content is only accessible by you or your recipient – not even we can access it.

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