How will you use Mailock?

Understand how secure email could solve your business challenges.

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"We need to ensure

regulatory compliance"

Secure digital communications are crucial for compliance with regulatory guidance. Mailock helps businesses fulfil their obligations to protect data.
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"We spend too much on

print, pack, and post"

Rising costs and inefficiencies make recorded post an expense you could do without. Reduce the outlay with Mailock - digital recorded delivery.
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"We have no way to

secure our emails"

Do you have no recourse for your employees and customers to exchange email securely? It's likely sensitive information is being compromised.
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"We need to reduce

our carbon output"

Does your paper output reflect your sustainability goals? Mailock helps you to deliver confidential information digitally with full regulatory compliance.
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"We need to increase

portal engagement"

Document portals are costly and have been met with low engagement from customers. Mailock drives engagement by delivering to the inbox securely.
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"We need to boost

customer engagement"

Another click is another point of friction. Mailock boosts open and response rates by delivering confidential information to your customers' inboxes.

"A world where your customers' preference for email brings efficiency for all."

A client preference for email allows you to prioritise the most easy-to-use communications method over post or portal delivery, reducing costs, carbon, and increasing efficiency.

Paul Holland CEO, Beyond Encryption
Paul Freemium Interview Snapshot