Explore Mailock's key features

Understand Mailock secure email in depth to see if it's the right fit for your business.


Email Encryption

Secure sensitive emails with Mailock's AES 256-bit encryption. Use manual or automated batch encryption with recipient identity verification for protection.

Recipient Authentication

Mailock's recipient authentication ensures only intended recipients access your sent emails using SMS and Q&A challenges, or Unipass ID, adding critical security.

Secure Reply

Mailock's secure reply feature allows recipients to respond securely via web app or Outlook add-in, ensuring end-to-end encryption for all messages and attachments.

Email Revoke

Mailock's email revoke lets you retract sent emails easily, and is essential for security and compliance. Control access from Outlook or the Mailock web app.

Company Branding

Mailock's company branding feature lets businesses add custom logos and text to secure emails, enhancing brand consistency, trust, and visibility.

Trigger Words

Mailock's trigger words feature detects sensitive email content, prompting secure sending. It is customisable for alignment with your security policies.

Secure Compose

Mailock lets you compose secure emails via desktop or web, with easy encryption through the Outlook add-in or automated rules for batch delivery.


API & Webhooks

Integrate Mailock with your tech for seamless secure email delivery and real-time insights. Enhance security, compliance, and data-driven decision-making.

Email Auditing

Mailock's email auditing provides detailed oversight of secured emails, including sent, unopened, and revoked messages, ensuring effective and compliant email management.


Automated Encryption

Enhance security for bulk email sending with Mailock's automated encryption, ideal for safe, compliant mass communications and Microsoft 365 integration.
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