Mailock® Pro

Keep client email

exchanges safe

Secure email for web and desktop

Protect client data from interception and error. Encrypt emails and set recipient authentication challenges for access.

Professional man reading an encrypted email on a laptop

Send workflow

How it works

1. Encrypt

Start a secure email from your desktop email client or your web browser. Set a challenge so only the right people gain access.

Secure Mailock send button in email client

2. Connect

Recipients click ‘Open’ on the notification delivered to their inbox. They’ll answer your challenge, or if they're trusted, they can read right away.

Enter the code screen to unlock your Mailock secure email

3. Engage

If recipients need to respond to a secure message, they can use Mailock to compose, attach, and reply using their existing email address and account.

Enter the code to unlock your Mailock secure email
Secure Mailock send button in email client
Enter the code screen to unlock your Mailock secure email
Enter the code to unlock your Mailock secure email


Make sure the right

person is reading

Set read challenges for recipients

  • SMS: Send a one-time code to your recipient's mobile device.
  • Q&A: Ask your recipient a question only they could correctly answer.
  • Unipass ID: Allow financial professionals to verify their ID using Unipass.
Mobile question and answer and SMS code challenges Mailock Pro

Secure replies

Share the power

to email securely

Recipients reply securely for free

It’s not enough to protect information one way. Mailock makes it easy for your recipients to read and reply. They’ll even get some free secure sends in case they need to deliver sensitive information to others.

A couple receiving an encrypted email and replying securely


Prevent data loss

with trigger words

Get ‘before you send’ alerts

We're only human - sometimes we don’t think twice before hitting 'send'. If your email contains any of your preset trigger words, Mailock won’t let you send it unsecured without checking you're 100% sure.

Mailock trigger word warning interface


Regulatory guidance

A secure email service that helps you to comply with UK data security regulations

Encrypt personal information (GDPR)

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) require businesses to encrypt sensitive data transferred digitally. The ICO can levy fines of up to £17m for non-compliance (or 4% of turnover).

Record proof-of-delivery (MIFID II)

All businesses should record digital communications and retain proof-of-delivery to align with ICO guidance. Proof-of-receipt is also required by the FCA for certain types of document (e.g., KIDs).

Protect customers (Consumer Duty)

Are you encouraging customers to send their information into your business unsecured? The FCA's Consumer Duty is a mandate to provide easy-to-understand communications and protect customers from financial harm.


I just think about
it as being email.

It hasn’t changed the way we work. Email is how most of our clients want to communicate and Mailock acts as a second pair of eyes.

 Sam Whybrow  Director, Thanks Wealth Planning
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Secure your emails
without switching

Sign up to Mailock Pro to start securing messages and attachments using your existing email address and account.

Email icon


Compose secure emails from Windows Outlook or our secure browser app. Add your message and attachments then set your challenge.
Encryption icon


Your emails and attachments are secured with end-to-end AES-256 encryption - the NSA standard for classified information.

Message read icon


Verify untrusted contacts using a range of multi-factor authentication challenges including question-and-answer, SMS, and Unipass ID.

Magnifying glass icon


All message activity is recorded including opens and attachment downloads. Read notifications help senders to follow up at the right time.
Revoke icon


Revoke secure emails sent in error, even if they've already been opened - your recipients will lose access to retrieve them immediately.
Stars icon


Recipients can read and reply to messages for free using our secure browser app. Grow your network by empowering clients to engage.
Lightbulb icon


Catch sensitive emails before it's too late with custom trigger words. If they're included in a message, you'll be alerted to send it securely.

Branding icon


Customise the recipient journey with your company branding to foster a familiar, trusted user experience for your clients and partners.

Download the Mailock
Pro Data Sheet

People in meeting around office table with laptops discussing potential savings from secure email

Increase efficiency

Save time spent sending sensitive information back and forth between colleagues, partners, and clients. Speed is key to a positive customer experience according to PWC reports.

Woman giving talk on sustainability in the office to professionals

Save paper

Let’s reach Net Zero together. Reduce your paper document output by taking your sensitive information exchanges digital. Save carbon and do it with bottom line impact.

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Protect data

Free your business from open-risk email. Protect messages and files from cyber threat and human error. Exchange documents with customers in line with regulatory guidance.

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Pricing & plans

Compare plans

Find the right Mailock plan for your business.

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