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We’re building the world’s most secure digital communications network, one message at a time.


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We’re on a mission to supercharge digital communications, building an identity ecosystem that maximises security, engagement, and efficiency. 

Email encryption


Secure emails and attachments

Compose your message, challenge recipients with 2-factor authentication, and send. Protect emails from unauthorised access.


Document Concierge


Bring your documents to life

Securely store and activate sensitive documents at the push of a button. nigel’s AI follows up on events, contacts, and tasks.

  • Secure documents on your mobile
  • Lift key information from your admin
  • Get reminders for key dates and tasks

Crowd Authentication®


Identify customers at scale

Verify identity without the need to check ID. AssureScore collates data from network interactions to authenticate customers.

  • Leverage data from trusted networks
  • Reduce security-caused process friction
  • Minimise paper-based identity checks

We've got serious


ISO27001-certified Financial Services veterans

We're information security experts with proven success building digital systems for highly-regulated sectors.

Experts in the latest encryption technologies

We're world-class developers and security fanatics who live and breathe tech.


UK Crown Commercial Service vetted suppliers

Accredited Crown Commercial Service suppliers, we do vital security work within the UK public sector.


Award-winning, NCSC 'Cyber Essentials' solutions

Our encryption system has won multiple awards and is a National Cyber Security Centre 'Cyber Essential'.

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1 min read
Man using his laptop in cafe as part of remote working following the global pandemic
01 01 21

The Growing Pandemic of Cyber-Crime

In the ‘new normal’, with Zoom and Teams replacing face to face office contact, staff training and support has become more important than ever.

1 min read
Woman in business attire sips coffee whilst reading legal documentation
14 10 20

EU-US Privacy Shield Invalidated in EU Ruling

The ECJ has agreed that the Privacy Shield did not provide adequate protection to EU and UK citizens from the monitoring and investigations of the US

3 min read
Man in white shirt sits at work bench with his laptop and speaks on mobile phone
12 06 20

Businesses Not Meeting the Needs of Smarter Working at Risk

There has been an overwhelming 88% backing for electronic signatures identified in a recent Money Marketing readers’ poll.



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