Mailock® For Outlook

Encrypt your
Outlook emails

Email encryption Outlook add-in

Compose encrypted emails and set recipient authentication challenges in a click, right from your Windows Outlook app.

man sending secure emails to his clients using mailock

Outbound security

Extend Outlook for
outbound security

Prevent interception and fraud

Protect confidential information with an email encryption Outlook add-in to cover you against outbound email risk.

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Encrypted replies for recipients
  • Full message and attachment revoke

    (regardless of receiving email client)
Extend Outlook for outbound security

Trigger words

Stop email mistakes

before it's too late

Get sensitive data alerts

Add custom trigger words so the inclusion of specific phrases always results in an email being sent securely. If Mailock thinks it sees sensitive data in your Outlook emails, it'll ask if you want to encrypt them.

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Threat protection

Make the top risks
your top priority

Human error

Make sure emails sent to the wrong recipient remain secure. Use multi-factor authentication to verify ID before recipients gain access. Full revoke for Outlook gives you a “last resort” lockdown.

Cyber crime

Fortify your comms against cyber criminals, with NSA-grade AES-256 encryption. Safeguard confidential data on its journey and at rest on your mail server and in your recipients' inboxes.

Risk training

Mailock for Outlook scans your emails for sensitive key phrases to prevent data loss. Customisable security alerts train you at the point of send to encrypt emails containing sensitive data.


We can send and receive our clients' information safely.

Mailock removes a lot of the risk and GDPR concern around dealing with everyone’s favourite communication method - email.

 Rob Hastings  Harwell Finance Group
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Don’t think twice about email risk

Encrypt sensitive business emails and authenticate recipients with an add-in that plugs right into Windows Outlook.



Send secure emails from Windows Outlook. Click the Mailock icon to compose an encrypted email and set your multi-factor challenge.


Deliver emails and attachments with end-to-end AES-256 encryption - the NSA standard for classified data. Don't leave your data open to risk.



Select from a range of multi-factor authentication methods. Set Q&A or SMS challenges to make sure only the right people gain access.



Record audit trails for every interaction with your messages, including opens, downloads, and revoke calls. Get inbox read receipts so you can follow up.


Revoke secure emails anytime, even if they've been opened, regardless of whether your recipient is using Outlook, Gmail, or any other mail app.


Recipients can reply securely for free. They'll even get some send credits themselves. Empower clients with an encrypted thread to your business.

How it works


1. Encrypt

Start a secure email from Windows Outlook or use our browser app. Set a challenge so only the right people gain access.

Start a secure email with a button in your email client

2. Connect

Recipients click ‘Open’ on the notification delivered to their inbox. They’ll answer your challenge in our browser app, or, if they're trusted, they can open and read right away.

Enter the code to unlock your secure email

3. Engage

Our browser app works just like an email client. Recipients download files, compose, attach, and reply. Their replies will appear in your Outlook inbox, decrypted, like any other email.

Secure read pane in Mailock web app
Start a secure email with a button in your email client
Enter the code to unlock your secure email
Secure read pane in Mailock web app

Download the Outlook
Add-In Data Sheet

Make an impact

Turn email into your greatest power

Transform communications, meet business goals, and make email a force for good.

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Increase efficiency

Save time spent sending sensitive information back and forth between colleagues, partners, and clients. Speed is key to a positive customer experience according to PWC reports.

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Save paper

Let’s reach Net Zero goals together, with innovation. Reduce your paper document output by taking sensitive document exchanges digital. Save carbon and do it with bottom line impact.

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Protect data

Free your business from open-risk email. Protect messages and files from cyber threat and human error. Exchange documents with customers and keep their data safe in line with GDPR.

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Mailock for Outlook

Free 14-day trial

Try Mailock Pro for free. Get unlimited secure email sends and download the Outlook add-in to use with full functionality.

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