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Exchange private information safely

Reply to secure emails you receive from premium users and send 5 encrypted emails to new contacts each month.

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Sending securely

How it works

1. Encrypt

Start a secure email from your desktop email client or your web browser. Set a challenge so only the right people gain access.

Start a secure email with a button in your email client

2. Connect

Recipients click ‘Open’ on the notification delivered to their inbox. They’ll answer your challenge in our browser app, or, if they're trusted, they’ll open and read right away.

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3. Engage

Our browser app works just like an email client. Recipients download attachments, compose, and reply. (Their replies can be auto-decrypted to your Outlook inbox.)

Secure read pane in Mailock web app
Start a secure email with a button in your email client
Challenge question Mailock UX (1)
Secure read pane in Mailock web app

Why Mailock?

Email freely without
risking your data

A digital world

In a digital age, it's more important than ever to prioritise online security. Email is a popular mode of communication for personal and professional purposes, but many email providers may not offer adequate protection against cyber threats.

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Open to threat

Most email providers lack essential security features, leaving users vulnerable to interception and hacks. By signing up for a secure email provider that offers email encryption and authentication features for free, you can get protected.

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Free secure email

No need to switch

your email account

Free secure email on any device

Secure confidential emails and attachments using our Windows Outlook add-in or the Mailock browser app.

  • End-to-end email encryption
  • Q&A recipient authentication
  • Free secure reply for recipients
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Q&A authentication

Double check your

recipient's identity

Reach the right people, only

Authenticate recipients when they open your emails. Set a question they’ll have to answer correctly for access.

  • Protect personal information
  • Prevent email interception
  • Comply with the GDPR
Mobile challenges Free
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Protect data

Are your emails confidential? Mailock uses end-to-end encryption to prevent email interception by cyber criminals.


Reduce admin

No need to post a document to get proof-of-delivery. Mailock tells you when your secure emails get opened.


Prevent misfires

Secure messages and attachments with a challenge question so only the intended recipients can gain access.


Save carbon

Why waste paper when you can send documents faster, more efficiently, and more securely with Mailock?


Safe & secure!

Fast - and good to know my details are safe. Easy for me to work out. When I spoke to customer service, they were very helpful.

 James  Mailock user
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Encrypt emails and attachments at the click of a button

Securely send confidential information by email, for free. Keep your data private.



Secure emails using Windows Outlook or our secure browser app. Click the Mailock icon to get started.


Deliver emails and attachments with end-to-end AES-256 encryption - the NSA standard for classified data.



Email misfires are the top cause of data loss. Set challenges so only the right people can open.



Recipients reply securely for free - empower partners and clients by giving them a safe way to respond.

Download the Mailock
Free Plan Data Sheet

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Our free plan gives you unlimited secure email replies and 5+ sends each month.

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