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Email private information safely

Deliver information securely by encrypting your emails and authenticating your recipients. Create a free secure email account with Mailock, today.

  • 5 secure sends per month
  • Unlimited secure replies
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Free secure email

No need to switch

your email account

Protect emails from any device

Secure confidential emails and attachments for free using our Windows Outlook add-in or the Mailock web browser app.

  • End-to-end email encryption
  • Q&A recipient authentication
  • Free secure replies for recipients
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Q&A authentication

Double check your

recipient's identity

Reach the right people, only

Authenticate recipients when they open your emails. Set a question they’ll have to answer correctly for access.

  • Protect personal information
  • Prevent email interception
  • Comply with the GDPR
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Protect data

Are your emails confidential? Mailock uses encryption and authentication to prevent email interception by cyber criminals.

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Reduce admin

No need to post a document to get proof-of-delivery. Mailock tells you when your secure emails get opened.

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Limit access

Secure messages and attachments with a challenge question so only the intended recipients can gain access.

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Save carbon

Why waste paper when you can send documents faster, more efficiently, and more securely with Mailock?


Safe & secure!

Fast - and good to know my details are safe. Easy for me to work out. When I spoke to customer service, they were very helpful.

 James  Mailock user
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Encrypt emails and attachments at the click of a button

Keep your email data safe with a free secure email account.

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Secure emails using Windows Outlook or our secure browser app. Click the Mailock icon to get started.
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Deliver emails and attachments with end-to-end AES-256 encryption - virtually impenetrable protection for sensitive data.

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Email misfires are the top cause of data loss. Set question-and-answer challenges so only the right people gain access.

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Recipients reply securely for free - empower partners and clients by giving them a safe way to respond.

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Our free secure email account gives you unlimited secure message replies and a monthly allowance of secure sends.

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Learn how MPA Financial Management supports and safeguards clients at an affordable price, using Mailock secure email.

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How Westcoast Cloud Chose Mailock As The Solution For UK IT Resellers

We spoke to Mark Davies at Westcoast Cloud about how they chose Mailock to bring secure email to their base of IT reseller partners.

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Why EQ Chose Mailock To Drive Engagement In The Pensions Market

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FAQs, answered

What is included in a Mailock Free account?

A Mailock Free account allows users to send up to 5 secure emails per month and reply to secure emails without limit. It includes features such as end-to-end encryption, recipient authentication through email verification and challenge questions, and access via the Mailock web app or Outlook add-in. Each secure email has a 21-day expiry period.

How do I send a secure email using Mailock Free?

To send a secure email using Mailock Free, you need to register for a free account on the Mailock homepage. Once registered and signed in, select the 'Compose' option. You can then write your email and add a mandatory challenge question to authenticate the recipient. The system provides a panel to track how many secure emails you have left to send for the month.

What are the benefits of upgrading to Mailock Pro?

Upgrading to Mailock Pro offers several key benefits including unlimited secure email sends, the ability to protect emails with an SMS challenge, email revocation, advanced audit features, and customised company branding on emails. Additionally, Mailock Pro provides enhanced security features such as misdirected email protection, message expiry extended to 365 days, and shared email access across Mailock accounts within your company.