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What is Mailock?

Secure email, made to connect

Mailock is a secure email solution. It helps individuals to protect their data, and it helps businesses to connect with their customers.


Think about it. When someone sends you a postcard, you can see all the information they've written on the back. That's why they stick to "wish you were here!" and don't reveal any secrets.

We don't treat email as if it's insecure, like a postcard. Neither do we trust email completely with our most sensitive information. Many people would send a copy of their passport, but they wouldn't expect their bank to do the same.

But the truth is, emails and postcards are not so different. Criminals are able to access messages and attachments at multiple points. It's no surprise—email was never designed to be secure, and it’s been around since the 70s.

Mailock uses email encryption to cloak any sensitive contents, including attachments. It covers them with a virtual disguise that can only be removed using a key. That key is given only to individuals who can prove their identity.

Mailock upgrades email for the 21st century, turning it into a medium that can be trusted to deliver sensitive information. This means documents can be exchanged between individuals and delivered by businesses instantly, without wasting paper.

So, how do you encrypt emails? Mailock encrypts your emails before they are sent. Your recipient receives a digital envelope in their inbox, informing them that they have a secure email. They can then click a button within the email to open it.

So, if it's easy for the recipient to open, what happens if you send an email to the wrong person? An extra check (for example, SMS authentication) makes sure that the only people who can access an email are the intended recipients.

When you send a secure email, Mailock asks you to choose a type of authentication challenge for the recipient to pass. This could be a security question, a message with a code, or a third-party certificate.

By posing a question that only your recipient knows the answer to, or verifying their identity with a code sent to their mobile device, you can ensure that even if a message accidentally lands in the wrong inbox, its contents remain secure.

Mailock encrypts your emails and verifies recipient ID, preventing email interception and protecting data against email misfires. In doing so, it is helping us to build a safer, more efficient, sustainable world.

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How will you use Mailock?

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Free secure email

Our free account allows you to send a limited number of secure emails and use Q&A challenges to authenticate recipients.

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Secure client email

Protect email exchanges from cyber threat and human error with email encryption and ID authentication for professional emails.

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Secure email gateway

Secure all your business's sensitive email exchanges. Get BI/MI analytics. Protect critical customer data and boost compliance.