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Mailock's recipient authentication feature adds a critical layer of security by ensuring that only the intended recipients can access your secure messages.

This multi-factor authentication approach mitigates risks associated with human error, such as misdirected emails, which are a leading cause of email data breaches.

Authentication Options

SMS Challenge: A straightforward and widely accepted method, the SMS challenge sends a unique code to the recipient's mobile phone. Upon receiving a secure email, the recipient enters this code to access the message. This method is effective for quick and easy verification, leveraging the ubiquity of mobile devices.

Question & Answer Challenge: For scenarios where you might not have the recipient’s mobile number, the Q&A challenge allows you to set a custom authentication question. The recipient must correctly answer this question within five attempts to access the message. This method is particularly useful for recipients with whom you have an established relationship, ensuring that only those with specific knowledge pertinent to the question can access the email.

Unipass ID Integration: For users within the financial services industry, Mailock integrates with Unipass, providing one-click access to secure emails. This integration simplifies the authentication process for those who already use Unipass Identity, enhancing user experience without compromising security.

API: Enterprise companies can work with our team to integrate Mailock with their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and set recipient challenges based on the information that they have about their customers.

How It Works

When sending a secure email, Mailock prompts you to select an authentication challenge based on your knowledge of the recipient and the sensitivity of the information being shared.

This tailored approach ensures that each message is protected not only by military-grade encryption but also by a verification process that adjusts to the context of your communication.

Mailock’s email recipient authentication effectively protects against unauthorised access, ensuring that your sensitive information is accessed only by the right people. This feature is essential for maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of your communications, particularly in environments where security is paramount.

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