Use Case: Security

"We have no way to secure our emails"

You don't have any way to exchange emails securely with customers? It's likely sensitive information is being compromised.

We have no outbound email security

Email and its risks

Email was never designed to be secure yet it's the lifeblood of everyday communication. You need to deliver important information to do important business. Unfortunately, if you can't send sensitive data securely, it often gets sent 'in the clear' - a risk to your customers and your business.

Woman with head in hands

The need-to-knows

Colleagues looking to solve email mistake

Sending 'in the clear'

Surveys suggest 52% of us have sent an email containing confidential information when we shouldn't have.

Serious meeting about email misfire

Email interception

Unencrypted emails sent 'in the clear' can be intercepted by unauthorised parties at any point on their journey.

Woman annoyed about email mistake

Inbox takeover

Even emails protected by basic encryption can be opened by someone who gains access to a recipient's inbox.

Disciplinary meeting

Human error

Emails sent to the wrong person are the top cause of a breach according to the Information Commissioner's Office.

Privacy savvy consumer

Consumer preference

An emerging consumer segment, 'privacy actives', will switch providers if they don't feel their data is protected.

Meeting with colleagues about security

Cost of a breach

The average data breach costs a business $4.45 million in interruption, infrastructure, and regulatory fines.

Burnout is a

major risk factor

In our research on staff burnout post-Covid-19 we explored how the impact of remote working on wellbeing affects company cybersecurity imperatives.

2 times more likely

Weaker passwords

Burned out employees are 2x as likely to pick weak passwords.

44% of cyber incidents

Human error

44% of cyber incidents caused by error are self-attributed to fatigue.

30% more likely

Lack of care

Home workers are 30% more likely to have declining mental health.

Understand the remote risks

We assessed evidence from over 43 sources for definitive answers on the link between remote working and cyber risk.

Protect every

confidential email

Exchange confidential information using our advanced secure email gateway for friction-free customer comms. Protect critical data.

woman in office using secure email gateway


Deliver emails and attachments with robust end-to-end AES-256 encryption.



Authenticate recipients using challenges including email verification, SMS code, question-and-answer, and Unipass.



Timestamped audit trails track message opens, clicks, and downloads for proof-of-delivery and recording.

Message revoke

Use admin controls or our API to revoke messages individually/in bulk.

Error prevention

Prompt users to send a message securely if it includes certain keywords.


Company branding

Customise our web app and notifications for a branded recipient experience.

For your business...

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Fully compliant

Comply with FCA/ICO requirements to encrypt sensitive data and record proof-of-delivery.


High response rates

Deliver to the inbox, where your customers will respond. Mailock generates open rates over 80%.


Easy integration

Integrate with Outlook/M365 alongside your CRM, antivirus, and server-side signature tools.


Managed service

Use our managed cloud service or host the Mailock software on-premise with our support.

For your customers...

A secure thread
to your business

Share the power to email securely

It’s not enough to protect information one way only. Mailock makes it easy for clients to reply securely to all your messages, and it gives them free sends in case they need to deliver sensitive information to others.

couple receiving encrypted email and replying securely

Easy to use

Excellent service as always. Very easy to use. Well done Beyond Encryption!


Excellent service

My query was dealt with efficiently & promptly. You were very patient!


Safe & secure

Fast - and good to know my details are safe. Easy for me to work out.


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