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Financial professional sending a secure email
2 Min Read

Compliance Checklist: Financial Services Outbound Email

As a financial organisation, a vital area in which compliance must be upheld is within your outbound communications - more...

Financial adviser working at desk
2 Min Read

GDPR and Email: Ensuring Financial Comms Remain Compliant

Now that consumers have been placed in the driving seat when it comes to their data, what does this mean for businesses? GDPR...

Team training in office
2 Min Read

The Key Focus Should be Equipping Teams to Deal With Remote Risk

No one expected a pandemic, or hybrid working to become the norm. This resulted in enterprises...

Young woman on laptop in office with team
2 Min Read

Need-to-Know: 24 Statistics on the State of UK FinTech ESG

2022 is a big year for FinTech ESG. We have collated the latest 24 stats to explore the current...

Business man in office looking at secure email on computer
Secure Comms
2 Min Read

How to Send a Secure Email in Outlook: The Role of Encryption Software

With 20,000 US organisations facing compromised Outlook accounts in March 2021 alone, how can...

Professional man shaking hands in office with partner
2 Min Read

Secrets That Make Sustainability the Key to FinTech Growth

Companies with a strong ESG proposition consistently outperform others at the...

Fintech leader in office using laptop
2 Min Read

6 Stereotypes About Fintech Leaders That Aren't (Always) True

The popularity of the term FinTech has fuelled misconceptions of entities...

financial services leader sitting on wall with laptop and phone
2 Min Read

The Hidden Compliance Risks of Digital Change in Financial Services

Financial services organisations are placing heightened focus on new tech and...