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IT professionals automating encryption process


02 10 23

Royal London Encrypts Bulk Email Communications With Mailock

Royal London has implemented bulk encrypted email automation via Mailock, the secure email service from Origo and Beyond Encryption.

Professionals signing legal papers


19 09 23

UK Online Safety Bill Set To Become Law

CEO Paul comments on the Online Safety Bill as it is set to become UK law after passing both houses of parliament.

Police force with yellow jackets


15 09 23

Another British Police Force Leaks Confidential Data

Paul, Beyond Encryption CEO, comments on the concerning leak of sensitive data by Greater Manchester Police.

Man with head in hands after sending email unsecured


07 09 23

UK Minister Fails To Reassure Tech Companies Over Encryption Risk

CEO Paul notes how reassurances about weakening end-to-end encrypted communication services do not go far enough.

Roundtable with cybersecurity professionals


12 06 23

Why Is Cybersecurity More Important Than Ever?

In an era defined by digital connectivity, the need for online safety is more important than ever. Paul talks to Techround about why.

interview in office


24 04 23

Interview With Paul Holland - CEO At Beyond Encryption

Paul Holland chatted to SafetyDetectives about the most common data security threats faced by businesses and how companies can secure their data with a remote work staff.

man thinking about his passwords


14 03 23

If Your Passwords Are On This List You Must Change Them Today

Paul Holland provides his expert advice on when to change your passwords and when not to in a cybersecurity article for The Express.

woman sending email with personal data


22 03 23

Report: Brits Still Share Personal Data Over Email Despite Risks

Our new research reveals Brits are unknowingly putting their personal data at risk via email, and businesses may be encouraging it.

woman using mobile phone to send unsecured email


25 03 23

Fees For Ticks? Why Pay-To-Be-Verified Models Cause Problems

Paul Holland explains why Twitter's new pay-to-be-verified model could compromise user data and put online consumers at risk.

What Does Email Security Have To Do With Paper Comms?-1


08 11 22

B2B Customer Acquisition: The Role Of Human Engagement

With digital-first buying posture becoming the norm, should enterprise organisations transform their marketing?

What The Pandora Papers Teach Financial Services Firms About Cybersecurity


08 11 22

Beyond Encryption partners with Arken Legal for boosted email security

Beyond Encryption has announced that it will be partnering with Arken Legal, a provider of document automation software.



04 11 22

Beyond Encryption Appoints New Chief Commercial Officer

Beyond Encryption has appointed Adam Byford as the secure communications organisation’s new Chief Commercial Officer (CCO).

How Mailock Secures Sensitive Emails At Genius Wealth Management


30 09 22

Best Secure Communication Software: Our Top Picks

Beyond Encryption's Mailock featured in the annual roundup of the best secure communications software available, from Cybernews.

Origo Teams Up With Beyond Encryption For Secure Email Launch


29 09 22

Industry Roundtable: Need to Minimise Paper Usage in Financial Services

At a recent event, experts discussed the issue of sustainability within financial services, and the sector-wide effort to create change.

Woman speaking on Teams call with colleague using laptop in office (1)-1


03 08 22

Digital Dependence: Connecting Vulnerable And Disparate People

CEO Paul asks how do we connect people in a remote working world? He writes about the importance of ease-of-use when connecting people, and of support to protect the vulnerable.

Financial Adviser Sending Secure Emails In Office And Smiling Wearing A Suit (1) (1)-1


01 07 22

Adapting To A Digital Landscape

Protecting customer data has never been more important. With reliance on digital comms growing, companies must dot their Is and cross their Ts when it comes to cyber security.

woman shaking hands with two men in office


08 03 22

International Women’s Day 2022: Empowering younger generations

Providing an opportunity to pause each year, International Women’s Day gives us a moment for reflection on progress so far.

Man looking at screen in office


28 02 22

Human Error’s Impact On Financial Services Security

Email is a powerful collaboration tool and is vital for businesses. However, it is also a major exit point for sensitive data. We discuss how businesses can sure up their defences.

Man with head in hands in office by computer (1)


24 02 22

Reducing The Impact Of Human Error In Financial Services

According to the data, it is 61% more likely for businesses to send an email containing sensitive data to the wrong recipient than to fall victim to a phishing attempt.

Beyond encryption to deliver email security to HSBC (1)-1


28 10 21

Beyond Encryption To Deliver Email Security System To HSBC

Mailock, Beyond Encryption’s (BE) market leading email security system, has been selected by HSBC Security Services for secure communication.

people in office looking at IT solution


30 09 21

Considering Climate Change In 2022: Sustainable Tech For UK Financial Services

Discover which sustainable tech financial services organisations should consider investing in for 2022 to cut costs and decrease their deforestation impact.

Aegon saves carbon by using mailock (1)


12 09 21

Aegon Saves e270 Tonnes Of CO2 With Unipass Mailock

Origo and Beyond Encryption have developed a calculator to quantify the C02 savings from use of their Unipass Mailock secure email solution.

Professionals meeting in board room


29 09 21

Are Insurers Doing Enough To Protect Sensitive Info?

Insurance providers and platforms send and receive sensitive client information daily. This is a big responsibility. Are they taking it seriously?

goonhilly selects mailock for earth station (1)


29 04 21

Goonhilly Earth Station Selects Mailock

Satellite communications enabler Goonhilly Earth Station has selected the Mailock encrypted email solution provided by Beyond Encryption.

Inside the mind of a financial scammer (1)-1


09 04 21

Inside The Mind Of A Financial Scammer

Multiple warnings from the FCA show how the most brazen scammers copy entire firms' details. Money Marketing explores Mailock as a solution.

man with head in hands stressed behind laptop (1)-1


06 04 21

How Advisers Can Become Targets Of Cyber Crime

Paul Holland, Beyond Encryption CEO, gives his thoughts on the changing times and how rising cyber crime could affect financial advisers.

woman looking seriously at desktop computer (1)-1


22 03 21

Urgent Call To Protect Security Of Industry Emails

Ian McKenna writes how advisers and providers need to work together on establishing a single email encryption solution.


financial sevices leaders discussing figures in office


24 02 21

Paragon (PCC) Deploys Mailock Security

Paragon Customer Communications (PCC) have selected Mailock from Beyond Encryption to deliver email security to their client base.

Grey haired man sitting smiling at laptop on desk-1


20 08 20

Aegon Beefs Up Email Security For IFAs To Stop Data Breaches

Aegon introduces Mailock, a new email security system in a bid to stop its advisers from suffering data breaches.

Woman looking around call centre smiling (1)


21 03 18

Cyber Security Platform Gets A Grip On Encryption

Mailock launches to protect businesses in line with new GDPR regulations. CEO Paul Holland stressed the importance of cyber security.


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